Asphalt sealer is usually used in the exteriors of the house. There are many different kinds of asphalt sealers that can be bought from a nearby hardware store. The basic types of asphalt sealers are refined coal tar sealers, acrylic sealers and emulsified asphalt sealers. The suitable asphalt sealer is made use of for making any repairs that may need to be done on the surface of the driveway.

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Asphalt driveway sealing is a very simple process that does not require any technical expertise or professional skills. One can simply buy a driveway sealant and go about performing the task as per the instructions provided in the manual.

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Apart from purchasing an asphalt repair sealer, one will also require a few basic tools to complete the task. The tools are quite easy to use and anyone with a little know how will be able to use them. The kind of asphalt sealer that one purchases depends on the way that the driveway has been laid. Some of the steps that can help in sealing the driveway and securing it against chips and cracks are:

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  1. The asphalt sealer that is purchased from the store is usually a wet mixture. One needs to check for any discrepancies in the mixture first. The mixture should be a smooth one with no lumps.
  2. The crack that needs to be repaired using the asphalt sealer should be cleared up. In case there is any dust or other material that has accumulated or grown in the crack, it must be removed before attempting to seal it. After this has been done, the asphalt sealer can be applied.
  3. The pattern recommended by most experts when sealing the surface is the cross pattern in which the sealer has to be applied using a brush from one end to the other. First, the sealer has to be brushed from left to the right in straight lines and then from the right to the left over it. This creates a cross pattern that is best suited for repair work.
  4. After this has been done, the process of applying the sealer is almost complete. After this, it is important to let the sealer set for at least twenty four hours. The area where it has been applied should not be disturbed in any way. It is important to choose a sunny day for performing this job as rain or snow can hamper the process.
  5. After the period of twenty four hours has passed and the sealer is completely dry, one can apply a second coating of the asphalt for a permanent locking in of the mixture. This will help ensure that the coating is strong and lasts a long period of time. The same technique should be used to re apply another coat of asphalt sealer and it should be left to dry as before.

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