It is an obvious fact that men and women are different from each other in many ways than one. But what is not so obvious is the way the difference in the way they run. Until recently, most running shoes and trainers used by women where actually ‘reduced sizes’ of men’s shoes. But now with detailed study and research, top companies understand the structural and hormonal differences between men and women; running shoes are evolving rapidly and one in particular are Asics trainers women.

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One such scientific research has shown that women have high awareness and a lower extremity in bio mechanics, different from those of men. This means that women are profoundly different, and helps explain why runners tend to develop different pathologies. Designs of Asics trainers have a gender-specific approach to improve performance, comfort and safety of women.

The female foot is shaped different from that of man. Women are not only generally smaller feet than men; they also have a different ratio between the heel and forefoot. In other words, women have a heel closer towards the front of their feet. When they wear running shoes designed for men, this often causes a shift of the heel inside the shoe, and therefore instability and discomfort is experienced but not with Asics cross trainers for women.

The universal components that make a shoe such as: mold, bounce and the winch needs to be altered according to the gender. The company manufacturing Asics trainers have found the need to cater to the demand for cheap Asics trainers in the gender specific market. Therefore from the internal construction of the Asics trainers, i.e. mold, bounce and all else, a clear design has been created for better results.

Asics has been a leader and a driver of innovation for decades now. Their recent research on the differences between men and women set new benchmarks for the female athlete in the market for protective yet cheap Asics trainers, resulting from their improved protection against injury and an incredible race pace.

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For years, women athletes were just shelved, because the shoes were designed and built almost exclusively for men. This is strange, because according to the figures, there were more women than men who practiced running and need proper Asics trainers! Several years ago Asics has detected this gap, and worked steadily to form a scientific approach that makes running experience safer and more pleasant for women and thus Asics womens trainers are created.