Asics, which is an abbreviation for ‘Anima Sana In Corpore Sano’ literally means “A healthy mind in a sound body” and that is exactly what they deliver. The Japanese shoe company is a world renowned brand, well known for its running shoes and specialist in sneakers for gym. They claim to give attention to the comfort of all sports. One can order Asics online through various sites with online product catalogs and ads.

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You can find all of their products available at Asics online and other shopping sites. Some of their popular product lines are listed below:

Running Shoes:

At the forefront of innovation, the Asics shoes are constantly changing. Running shoes offer every runner a natural comfort for the foot. Lightweight shoes, foot support, hygienic insoles with anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties are some of the attributes associated with these shoes. Asics online gives you a wide variety of some of the most advanced running shoes today.

Trail Shoes:

With their involvement in organizing sporting events, Asics has designed a range that specializes in trail races uphill and mountains. Check out their options in Asics online store. These shoes are particularly suitable to relieve pressure points with strong soles and padding for comfort.

Walking shoes:

In the line of trail shoes, Asics walking shoes are very comfortable and suitable for all types of terrain. The foot is stable with less exertion and normal pace. Go to Asics online for some of the most comfortable walking shoes today.

Indoor sports shoes:

The main advantage of Asics shoes for indoor sports is the gel front and rear. They have incorporated a silicone gel in the front and back of the shoe to cushion the shocks caused by ground impact during expansions and receptions of volleyball players. Go to Asics online for a glimpse of these shoes.

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Outdoor sports shoes:

The technical nature of football boots shoes offers lightweight, comfortable and strong enough to absorb the impact with very resistant yet very light soles. For rugby the heels, the calf muscles and back are in great strain, therefore Asics rugby boots have higher heel than the rest of the foot of 10mm. This feature facilitates the movement and support which is very often needed in rugby.

Over the years, Asics has developed shoes that are more efficient since 1953 and designed based on the practice of each sport. The founder of the brand, Onitsuka Kihachiro has diversified by creating the dress shoes fashion style and reissuing vintage models of 60s and 70s era under the brand Onitsuka Tiger. You can see all this and more at Asics online store and even easily buy Asics online for any kind of footwear needs.