Painting activities can keep your children occupied for quite a while, this will help your child be artistic and discover the other color by mixing them together. Often time’s parents are also indulging in this project. With a wide variety of choices out there, here are some of the art supplies that you can avail. Whether for art class, nail painting activities or merely coloring books. There are the right supplies that you can find and avail.

kids mini tabletop easel

Art Supplies

  • Charcoal – can be of powder for or solid such as charcoal pencil. The powder if often uses for toning the art area when needed.
  • Nail Paint Brush – used in nail art caricature. Most commonly used in nail salons.
  • Canvas Brush – used in canvas painting by beginners and professionals.
  • Fine Art brushes – used in watercolor paints, pastels, acrylic and oil painting.
  • Foam Brush – usually used by craft painter.
  • Acrylic Paint – quick drying time and tough finish. Ideal for most surfaces such as wood, paper, canvas and metal.
  • Canvas Panel – use for fine art an alternative to stretched canvas.
  • Face painting Kit – used to paint the face on Halloween. Great for zombie parties.
  • Palette – used to mix different color paints.
  • Marker set – water based markers, ideal for outlining, detailing or sketching.
  • Crayons – usually used to color art items that are drawn on paper.
  • Pencil colors – with rich and saturated colors.
  • Pastel colors – fade resistant colors; can be used on canvas, paper, board and more.
  • Sketch Pad – can be used for sample drawings.
  • Canvas – use to paint your art works.
  • Rice Paper – used in calligraphy art.
  • Silver Dust – use to highlight art works.
  • Tracing paper – use in tracing art works.
  • Eraser – can be used to erase items or lightening art works.
  • Air Brush Gun – used in air painting.
  • Watercolor set – can be used in paper, can be used by beginners and professionals.
  • Foam Pounce – usually used to color glass or walls in dubbing motion.
  • Table top easel – use as a rest for your canvas as you paint with ease.

supplies perfect for artworks

These are just a few of the products available in the market, whether online or your local market. Some of these items are quite familiar and available in school supplies stores. It’s time to make a list of the kinds of supplies that you need.