Pencil cases are perhaps the most long-lived friend of man. Right from the time a toddler starts going to a pre-school, he/she is attracted to colorful pencil cases. Often gifts for a kid include pencil cases and all accessories that would fit into it like pencils, erasers, sharpeners, color pencils, pencil grips and others. Children too love to own pencil cases no matter how many they have. Each one excites them and they take new interest in their ways of drawing or writing with the new pencil case that he/she gets.

The cool pencil cases encourage children to take more interest in their writing skills. These pencil cases have great advantages in bringing up the kids and stimulating their desire to know more. When selecting pencil cases for kids certain points should be considered like:

  • Age of the kid
  • Shapes and sizes that are appropriate
  • Accessories that are only necessary for him/her
  • Sharp items to be avoided
  • Too small objects must not be included in the cases also.

cute pencil cases

Cool Pencil Cases

The cool pencil cases are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes that are just the right kind of pencil cases for kids. The cute pencil cases are extremely attractive and alluring. Every little child would grab them for sure. The characters like dolls and fairies are appropriate for the girls while the car pencil cases and others are meant for the boys. The brightly colored pencil cases make for an amazing gift for busy organizers, who love to arrange their accessories in their cases all on their own.

Helps in Kid’s Learning Process

Pencil cases help in the growth of creativity and co-ordination. Brightly colored cute pencil cases act as educational aids to learn shapes, sizes and colors in an interesting way. Some children find it stressful when they first start writing. The attractive cases that are full of pencils and colors create an interest in them to do something new. And in that play way method they learn to do their work without any stress.

quirky cool pencil cases

Often kids lose their pencils and erasers and other items. If he has his favorite cartoon character engraved pencil case, he would surely take interest in finding out the lost things and keeping them inside the case. Pencil cases can also inspire kids to do better in their academics. Gifting a child with the adorable pencil case with animal sticker or gold star for doing well in school gives them greater enthusiasm to do well.

Carrying a new pencil box on the first day of school has a great impact on all children no matter what their ages may be. Students in general have a craving for pencil cases and they are seen buying new ones quite often when they see any new products.

However buying pencil cases for kids is not enough for a child to learn the methods of writing properly. Correct pencil grips are very essential for good handwriting and for speed improvement also. It also helps in an overall development of the brain. It is quite difficult to mend the ways of holding a pencil after the age of 6 years. The Tripod pencil grip is considered to be the best way of gripping a pencil that should be addressed at the early stages of development of the kids when they start writing.