Bath towels are not appreciated. Most people look at them as simple objects used to keep the body dry and clean. These bath towels actually have many roles. With added knowledge, the way you see your bath towels will surely change.


  • Gram per square meter (GSM) is the unit used to measure the density of the bath towel fabric. Lower GSM towels are thinner and lighter and are great choice for beach, jaunts or hitting the gym. Those with higher GSM are heavy and thicker, making them as stay-in towels for the master or guestrooms.
  • Cotton is the common fabric used but the feel of the towel will depend on the type of cotton. Standard cotton is the composition of bath towels for everyday use. On the other hand, Egyptian cotton is the cream of the crop. This is used on ultra-soft, fluffy bath towels on luxurious hotels and spas. It has more moisture-sucking loops due to its longer, more fibrous threads. Imagine how soft this would feel. Bath towels made from Egyptian cotton are considered to be the best bath towels.
  • In America, the Pima cotton is increasingly growing and creates a luxurious look for bath towels. One down fall of luxurious bath towels is the incorporation of synthetics to make it look shinier. Synthetics restrict water absorption.
  • Modal fabric, made from breech tree cellulose, are said to be the excellent choice today because it is more absorbent than cotton and will not fade over time.
  • If you are into green living, there are organic cotton bath towels and those made from bamboo. Those made from bamboo have softer, looser, velvety texture as compared to cotton towels and has the natural ability to resist mildews.
  • Microfiber towels are made from engineered fibers and have a suede-like texture; hence, they are thinner and lighter. They are popularly used in wringing water from wet hair because of their excellent absorbency.

clean and colored bath towel set

How to Style

Bath towels are inexpensive making it easy to change the look of bathrooms. Decorative bath towels have designs ranging from abstract lines, swirls, letters, flowers, leaves, icons among others. Use towels that have opposite colors or designs of your wallpaper or paint to accentuate your bathroom look. Stack up colorful towels and make them the focal point of the room. You can change the colors as well to match the season. Make your bathroom more fun!

Care Guide

Extra care is needed if you want bath towels to last longer. New bath towels are often coated with special fabric softener for a fluffier look. It is best to wash these since water absorption is not that good yet. You can use a cup of vinegar for the first use to set the color and to prevent fading. White and colored bath towels should be washed separately.  Fibers are damaged with heat drying (dryer). Dry bath towels alternately with air drying then heat drying. Use a lower heat setting.

As bath towels designs progressed, creative minds of humans also created the shower wrap. A shower wrap is a combination of a bath towel and a wrap dress. Once worn, you will not worry about towels getting loose or falling to the ground. Thanks to the Velcro strap attached to it.

inexpensive bath towels

On Buying Bath Towels

When shopping for the best bath towels, check labels indicating the Supima trademark which indicate validates 100 percent American pima cotton or 100 percent Egyptian cotton. If you want to purchase online, read consumer reviews and rating. Compare towel types between brands to find the best but cheap bath towels there are.