Online and offline shoppers often ask how and where to buy chrome nail polish. The choices vary between the intensity of the metallic chrome finish as well as the differences among silver chrome nail polish or gold. However, the same general application tips and fashion rules will apply to either.

What Makes This Polish Unique

The biggest unique factor of this polish is its metallic look. It is also unique simply because it is a color which few people are bold enough to use. Why? Well, if you have medium or tan skin, that’s the “sweet spot” for applying this polish. Many pastel colors or matte and flat nail colors are the norm. You often see French manicures and the like. However, with a chrome appeal, you don’t need to add extra colors or designs. Also, you will enjoy the reflective or mirror-likefinish of this polish. Few other nail polish colors can match the shiny and light reflecting nature of this variety.

glittter gal contorted mauve duo chrome 15 ml nail polish

Do’s and Don’ts of Application

If you are going to apply this polish then keep in mind a few things you will want to try.

  • First, make sure you are applying it carefully with some nail or finger guides. You don’t want to smear it onto your skin as this polish will easily show any mistakes.
  • You will also want to steer clear of adding any other French-type manicure white lines or other embellishments. This is a color that naturally stands out on its own; hence, no extras needed.
  • Try to accessorize with complimentary bangles, earrings or necklacesin silver fashion. Applying this nail polish to a color coordinated outfit is the key to pulling off this fashion statement. Also, if you are going to opt for gold chrome nail polish, then make sure you accessorize with gold fashion pieces.

shimmering GAP gold chrome nail polish


Best Skin Tone for Chrome Nail Polish

It’s important to consider your skin tone before you decide on this unique color of polish. Depending on your skin, this color may contrast or simply not be noticeable at all. If you are someone who has medium tone skin then you can go for brighter colors. A chrome finish looks striking against your skin because of the contrast but it won’t look too overwhelming.

Tan skin people should also consider using this polish. It is going to be a choice reserved for personal discretion but you will often find advices from various blogs which lead one to believe that darker toned skin will contrast too much with chrome. It’ll actually give off the opposite appeal that you’re looking for.

glittering bobbi brown chrome glitter nail polish

Top Brands Who Sell It

So where can you find this wonderful color for your nails? Here is a list of some of the most reputable brands which sell chrome nail polish.

  • Sally Hansen chrome nail polish– A very popular brand among cosmetics, this nail polish can be found on discount cosmetic outlets online. Surely, you can save some money shopping there.
  • Rite Aid or Target – These two pharmaceutical and convenience juggernauts are ripe with cosmetic lines in their aisles. A weekend visit to either establishment will allow you the time to compare your chrome colored cosmetics side-by-side.

cool sally hansen triple shine chrome nail polish


Those mentioned above are but few brands that sell this unique nail polish. Be bold. Apply chrome nail polish now for you to shine and stand out.