Auto touch up paint is the paint used to repair car’s minor damages after an auto accident or any other incident that has inflicted the car with chips, nicks, blemishes or scratches. There are so many advantages of auto touch up paint. One advantage is that the paint is easy to use and you do not have to hire an expert to do the work for you. It is also remarkably effective and finally, this paint provides a quick fix solution to minor scratches.

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How to Apply Auto Touch Up Paint

In applying auto touch up paint, you can either hire an expert or do it yourself. Hiring a professional is an easy option but it is somehow expensive. To avoid these, you can then paint your vehicle on your own. Below are directions on how to apply these paints and some auto touch up paint tips.

  • Start by washing the area with hot water to disinfect it from any germs. This is a safety precaution.
  • First, perform a spray test. This test is done by applying the same paint on a metal to see how it looks. You have to be sure that the paint is the right one for your car so that the end results will be impressive.
  • Do the sanding. This is done to prepare the place where you will apply the paint. Sanding removes the previous paint. If there are any cuts or dirt, use a moist sand paper to remove them.
  • Ensure you have steady hands in order to do a decent job. You can use an auto paint touch up pen to further assist you. Some people prefer using toothpicks for precise painting.
  • Base coats are used before you start applying the paint. It is imperative to prepare the surface for the best results.
  • Next, apply the paint.
  • Apply a primer to ensure that the paint is not damaged by moisture.
  • After application, leave the paint to dry for 24 hours and then check the results.

Compared to the typical car paint, an auto touch up spray paint is easy to apply, but you have to be careful not to mess everything up.

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 Some Additional Paint Tips

Below are the dos and don’ts that you should have in mind when applying car body paints and other car paints like brake caliper paint.

  • Make sure the paint is the right color for your car.
  • Do not apply the paint without reading the instructions.
  • Ensure you have all the necessary tools before starting the job.

Imbibe the instructions on how to paint your car. Remember that an auto touch up paint can save you a lot of money if you do the job for yourself.