Apollo gate openers are among the well-known brands of gate openers or operators that are installed together with the swing, slide, and barrier types of gates. As their name suggest, these openers take care of the opening and closure of gates as commanded by the homeowner through the use of a remote control. To generate that moving or closing thrust, the automatic openers are powered by mechanical, electrical, or perhaps, hydraulic energy.

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Benefits of Installing Automatic Gates

If budget is not a concern, automating certain household equipment and parts would be beneficial. Automatic gates for example have the following advantages over or conventional manual types.

  • Convenience. All other uses, benefits, and advantages of installing automatic gates will have to boil down to a single purpose and that is ensuring the convenience of household members who regularly make use of the gates. When Apollo automatic gate openers are installed, the owner won’t have to manually exert force to open the gates, there is no need to bother about gate keys, and operating the gate is simpler and faster. Convenience of use will mostly be needed during the rainy season.

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  • Improved Safety and Security. Apollo gate openers provide extra layer of safety and security for each household member. Instead of using keys that can easily be duplicated or faked, gate locks are also automated. Electronic or automated locks can be in the form of code combinations, fingerprints, or a combination of these with the traditional keys.
  • Avoiding Gate-Related Accidents. Doing heavy or slightly heavy tasks manually usually poses physical risks to an individual. When opening and closing heavy and large metal gates, there are risks of bodily hits and injuries that a person may sustain. Installing fully automated Apollo gate openers eliminates the need for physical contact with heavy, large, and risky gates.
  • Aesthetic and Real Value. Aside from the benefits mentioned above, automated gates also improve the appearance of the entire home or property including the real estate’s price or value.

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Apollo Gate Openers Parts

The parts of an automatic gate opener or controller will differ according to the type of gate that is installed upon. An opener for a slider-type gate has parts slightly distinct from those intended for the barrier and the swing gates. Additionally, the parts will also differ when the gate opener is mechanically or hydraulically powered.

  • Mechanical motors or electromagnets. If the Apollo gate openers installed are mechanically or electrically powered, the main part in-charge of creating power or motion is the motor or electromagnet. Electromagnets are used for lighter gates, while the heavy ones require more powerful electric motors to move, swing, slide, or lift up the gates.
  • Hydraulic motors. In contrast with the electrical or mechanical types, hydraulically powered openers draw their power from hydraulic motors installed in each unit. Hydraulics has been widely used in several equipment and industrial operations. Hydraulic equipment is just like huge powerful arms capable of moving objects even at tons of weight.

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  • The Opener Arm. The arm is the part of Apollo gate openers that are attached to the side of the movable gate, which pushes or pulls the heavy gates to open or close them out.
  • The Transmitter. The transmitter part of the openers handles the wireless or remote control operation of the opener.

How to Find Great Deals on Apollo Gate Openers

Automated gate openers are massively produced and offered by several companies and distributors. With said competition, it’s no longer that hard to find Apollo gate openers for sale priced much lower or comes in great deals. To make comparisons on the pricing, you can directly browse Apollo Gate’s official website and compare them with your local dealer’s price.