Antique wall clocks refer to old collectable clocks that are used to represent a previous era in human society. These antiques are usually desired because of following features:

  • Age – Usually antique items have existed for about 100 years or more.
  • Aesthetic value – These items are beautiful and vintage.
  • Rarity – Antiques are one of a kind.
  • Usefulness
  • Personal emotional connections

 antique style chiming wall clock

Wall clocks are among the earliest forms of clocks to be designed for homes. Antique mantel clocks were one of most popular clocks back in 18th and 19th centuries. They are also known as shelf clocks or mantle clocks since they are small enough to be displayed on shelves and placed on mantels. These antique wall clocks were quite cheap to obtain and even cheaper to maintain, hence they were popular during those times. Mantel clocks were designed in various ways. Some had their wooden stands painted while others were engraved with art work. Antique wall clocks with a pendulum were the favorites many years ago and today, they are still used for decorative purposes. As compared to modern wall clocks, antique wall clocks are more decorative than functional.

Large antique wall clocks are perfect for a room with tall cathedral ceilings or large empty rooms. They are the new hot trend in room decor. They have a potential of transforming a hollow and non adventurous room into a fashionable vintage space that discreetly tells a great story of the antique wall clock. They gave rooms a breath taking, eye stopping look since antique wall clocks posses some degree of craftsmanship. Below are some of most popular models of these antique wall clocks.

  • Large singular clocks – Since hallways do not necessarily have to blend in with an entire house’s theme, they allow a person the chance to display an artistic clock that did not fit in with the themes of other rooms. These clocks could be positioned strategically as the center piece of a hallway, adding character to a once hollow and dull hall.
  • Non working clocks – This is becoming popular especially among art loving folks. Antique clocks that have come to an end of their working lives should not be hidden but be hanged especially on hallways.
  • Cuckoo clocks – These make perfect center piece for hallways since they easily catch people’s attention.

stain glass authentic chiming german clock

Some of most popular brands of wall clocks include:

  • Equity wall clocks
  • Geneva wall clocks
  • Seiko wall clocks
  • La Crosse technology
  • Infinity Instruments

Antique wall clocks for sale are found in antique shops all over the world or on online antique shops. Sometimes, these clocks are passed down as estates. To secure your purchase of these antique wall clocks, it is better to consult a professional antique appraiser who could assist you with looking for authentic antique wall clocks. There are lots of antique designs out there so make sure you know what you want. Find the right antique wall clock that will best complement your story and style.