Angel perfume was designed by Thierry Mugler in 1992 and many people say it is one of the best perfume success stories of perhaps the last 20 years or so. In a world where more and more perfume is released each year and often without any thought or serious development, the release of Angel perfume for women was a proverbial breath of fresh air for many ladies who get a lot of enjoyment out of wearing proper perfume that has been refined over a number of years.

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Angel perfume has all the hallmarks of a successful perfume – quality juice, a memorable signature and a strong character.  However, don’t let those good points fool you into thinking that this perfume was an overnight success. It took around 3 years for Angel to finally find its feet in the market and this was only after constant support from Thierry Mugler and parent company Clarins.

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You might be asking at this point what makes this particular perfume any better than the countless other fragrances out there? Here is a bunch some Angel perfume review, which may give you the low down on this perfume and what specific characteristics set it apart from the rest.

It is common knowledge nowadays that the gourmand fragrance genre is growing at a rapid rate, so much so that the gourmand is almost a fragrance genre in itself. Of course, it is by no means a new idea. It’s just that Angel perfume approached the idea from a slightly different angle than it had been approached in the past. In other words, they took everything that gourmand is known for and doubled, maybe even tripled it.

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Instead of a slight hint of dessert, you get a full dessert laden feast for the senses. What you get when you smell this perfume is a highly potent yet not overwhelming mix of cotton candy and vanilla caramel. The good thing about this perfume is that although it is primarily based on one or two elements, there are plenty of other hidden surprises in Angel that you will surprise you and leave you guessing as to what you are going to encounter next.

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It is clear that Angel perfume is a brilliant but slightly quirky perfume. Its designer, Thierry Mugler, was even duly rewarded and acclaimed for thinking a little outside the box when it came to the original concept almost two decades ago.

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