Watches are created to update people of the time. The classic of these watches are the analog watches. In the modern times, analog watches and digital watches are the most popular ones. Here are the differences of these watches.

Features of Analog Watches

classic analog watches

Analog watches are far different from digital watches when it comes to appearance. Here are their features.

  • They are designed with faces that have a series of roman numerals, thick marks or numbers from 1 to 12 that are used for indicating time. These marks and roman numerals are beautifully arranged on a circular card or disk.
  • Also, they have special hands (either two or three) that usually rotate in order to specifically tell the time.
  • Most of these watch have three special hands which are of different lengths and rotate at different speeds. The hour hand is the shortest and rotate at the slowest speed. The minute hand is longer and rotates faster than the hour hand but is slower than the seconds hand. The seconds hand is longest and rotates at the fastest speed.
  • They can use different styles of numbering such as dots, roman numerals, sticks and even animal forms to signify numbers and time.

Features of Digital Watches

Here are the features of digital watches.

  • Unlike in analog watches, digital watches do not use rotating hands.
  • Instead, they use digits like 1: 23 AM or 7: 17 PM that are usually displayed on their faces to show the time.
  • The seconds, minutes and hours are all indicated through digits like 9: 34: 44. The hour is the first digit, followed by the minute and lastly, the seconds.
  • The digits are separated by dots or colons.
  • The time is strictly displayed by the use of digits.
  • You can actually tell the time to the last second with accuracy.

Advantages and Disadvantages

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Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are those pros and cons of analog watches over digital watches.

  • Simplicity – Analog watches have very simple designs as compared to digital ones. This makes them to be easy to use and operate. This means that they can be used efficiently by people of all ages, ranging from children to adults.
  • Setting – When it comes to the settings of watches, the analog watches are very easy to set unlike the digital watches. They are designed with a simple tab at the side that is supposed to be pulled out slightly and during setting. Due to their complexity, the digital watches must be programmed by the use of buttons and other features that are usually located at their sides.
  • Look – In terms of beauty, analog watches are usually more beautiful and fashionable as compared to digital watches. This is due to the fact that they are normally designed with high quality materials and are decorated in a very special way.
  • Affordability – Due to their simplicity, they are relatively cheaper as compared to digital watches. This means that you can easily own one or two whenever you feel buying them.
  • Maintenance –They are very easy to maintain as compared to the digital ones. They are very easy to clean and do not get spoiled easily due to their strong nature.

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