As one of the world’s leading credit card brands, American Express has become some sort of symbol of privilege and sophistication. And, well, purchasing power. The company does not stop at providing more innovative financial services to its customers, all for the sake of convenience and making life a little better and American Express tickets are no exception.

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You can probably consider American Express tickets as your “pass” to some of the most exciting entertainment options any city has to offer. Take New York, for example, with its astounding array of concert venues, Broadway musicals, plays, sports games such as basketball and football.

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Where to Find American Express Tickets

  • Online: many websites, especially those that engage in concerts, themed resorts, or Broadway plays, offer American Express tickets presale opportunities. If you are unsure of any specific website, any cursory online search can fetch you dozens or hundreds of good leads. Some of the best known online American Express ticket sellers are Ticketmaster and Broadway World. You can also go directly to the official website of American Express, under the Entertainment category, and you’ll find what you need there.
  • Offline points of sale: If you do decide to just swing by at some nearby theater or concert without checking seating availability online, you can still get American Express tickets perks at the counter. American Express regularly launches new features for their card holders in partnership with certain entertainment establishments. Purchasing an annual pass at the Universal Orlando Resort using your American Express card, for example, automatically earns you exclusive access to its American Express Lounge, where you can relax and enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks, topped with a full-time concierge service

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American Express discount tickets can also allow card holders exclusive discount opportunities. For instance, if you are with a large group of people who want to see a Cirque du Soleil show, you may enjoy certain discounts and pre-arranged seating options to ensure you get the most fun out of the experience. You simply do not get that if you just suddenly swing by at a nearest Cirque du Soleil performance and buy tickets at the counter.

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Moreover, American Express tickets Broadway gives you the exclusive privilege of enjoying the seats you prefer, at any theater on Broadway that shows your favorite theatrical performance. On Broadway alone, it would take you weeks on end to see each of the current theatrical performances being offered, which include all-time hits such as Chicago, The Phantom of the Opera, Mary Poppins, The Book of Mormon, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and Ghost the Musical. Indeed, when it comes to “exclusive privileged entertainment”, American Express tickets deliver the goods, and so much more.