American express rates and fees are well known to many Centurion card users. The company gives out several types of credit cards among which the black American express cards are the prominent ones. There are several rules and regulations to get this black card. But, the benefits which accompany it make it worthwhile for every penny paid.

American express interest rates and fees

American Express Basic Requirements

The black Centurion cards or Amex cards will be issued to a person if they have a:

  1. Very good credit history
  2. Valuable property assets
  3. If the person is a frequent flight traveler
  4. Annual spending capacity more than $250,000
  5. If the person has a celebrity status

A basic fee of $5000 should be paid once to get the black American express card. An additional $2500 should be paid annually to use the card.

Rates and Fees for Gold and Platinum Cards

black american express ultimate card

1. A black Centurion card holder can get up to 5 Amex cards by paying $1500 extra. They can upgrade these cards into Gold Amex cards or Platinum Amex cards without the initial $5000 payment. They just have to pay $175 for Platinum card upgrade. They have to pay annual fees of $450 for the Platinum card henceforth.

2.  Similarly, black Amex card users can get additional Gold cards for an extra charge of $45. They should continue to pay $175 annual fees for the Gold card.

3. The total amount incurred to get an black Amex card directly will be $7500. An additional $1545 should be paid for Gold card along with it with $175 annual fees. Similarly $1675 should be paid to get a Platinum card. The annual fee of that card would be $450.

4.  A person owning a basic Centurion black Amex card is free to have up to five additional cards. They should make sure they pay the $7500 charge for the basic card regularly to avail the discounts levied upon other cards.

5.  A person can directly apply for the Platinum or Gold cards instead of buying the black Amex card. They have to pay the initial amount of $5000 plus the annual $2500 charges stated above. They can choose to keep the additional cards which come with the Gold or Platinum cards as Centurion Amex cards. Some people buy extra cards, update them into Platinum or Gold cards and use them for gifting purpose.

American express rates and fees are a quite high compared to the other credit cards in the market. So are their benefits. People traveling abroad usually have all three Gold, Platinum and the Centurion black Amex cards with them as it helps them in several ways. These cards eliminated the need of foreign currency exchange by huge entrepreneurs who are always on the move.