The Amerex Company has been known all around the world for its great fire extinguishers and fire safety guarantee. They have great quality Amerex Fire Extinguishers and Amerex fire extinguisher Brackets.  Amerex fire extinguisher brackets are made of steel primed and power coated with a paint finish. They are highly raved about and are known to be another high quality product by the Amerex Company. If anything should be holding your fire extinguisher to the wall, it should be an Amerex bracket.  Amerex fire extinguishers are very trustworthy. You know you can count on your new fire extinguisher if it’s an Amerex, and if you feel like you can’t, check out their MSDS. A MSDS is a chemical safety information sheet that shows the chemicals used.  The Amerex fire extinguishers MSDS is located on their website. To locate their MSDS, go to their website and click on the tab titled “MSDS”. You should see a list of MSDS, showcasing dozens of different options to choose from. A couple of documents available for opening are ABC, AFFF 2%, CH 530/660, CARBON DIOXIDE – CO2 and DE-IONIZED WATER. The list starts from ABC all the way down to STATX GENERATOR but the order may be changed in time and/or there may be more added to the list.

Amerex Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Amerex does its best to insure you have the best fire protection possible. Not only do they provide high quality fire extinguishers and brackets but they also provide safety tips like where to use a fire extinguisher and how on their website. They even provide manuals on their website, all the way from hand portable extinguishers to 65 to 150 pound Halotron wheeled extinguishers! You could even request a catalog if you desire.

amerex fire extinguisher brackets set

So whether you want a fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher bracket, or a MSDS, you know you can count on Amerex. Amerex fire extinguishers have been providing people with safety, certainty, and trust throughout the years and have failed to disappoint. There’s not much thought that has to be put into who will make your next fire extinguisher or bracket, thanks to Amerex fire extinguisher MSDS and the Amerex Company’s high quality service.