Protecting your house with aluminum flashing is the best way to keep it strong in spite of the unfriendly weather. Strong wind, rain and snow are the factors that can cause the structures to break easily. This adds to your expenses in the future, not to mention, the hazard it poses to your family. You can make your structures stronger by lining them with flashing materials like aluminum.

Aluminum weatherproofing is a flat sheet of metal that can be installed over the flat surfaces of a building or on a portion of it where elements like wind and water often cause damage to the structure. This material is often used as lining on the gutter, water spout and covering for building facades to protect it from the bad effects of the weather. The term “weatherproofing” best describes the use of this material.

aluminum gutter flashing

2 Ways of Installation

There are actually two ways to install aluminum weatherproofing. They are:

  • Concealed. This means that the flashing is buried under the cement or a decorative material to hide it from the view. It is just placed there to protect the structure.
  • Exposed. The flashing is seen outside the structure. It serves two purposes – decorative and protection. Most homes use this type of flashing to make their buildings last longer while keeping their expenses low.

Uses of Aluminum Flashing

This can be used as:

  • Molded gutter. This directs water from rainfall or snow to the right path where it should flow.
  • Anti-corrosion material for decks and porches. The International Residential Code orders that these portions of your house must have anti-corrosive protection. Aluminum flashing thickness has long been used to protect these areas not only from the wind and rain, but also, from the damaging sunlight.
  • Outdoor stairs. The outdoor stairs have many edges. This allows water to enter the wood which causes it to have premature decay. Lining it with aluminum weatherproofing can give protection to your stairs.
  • Roofing. Aluminum roof flashing is light, easy to install and cheap. You can use aluminum sheets to cover the chimneys to keep the water out. You can use it under the window sills, sloping roof and roof intersection when you have window dormers.
  • Right water direction. Aluminum flashing roll can direct water to the right path making your other building structure safe from the damaging effects of water.
  • Cheap. Budget wise, you can buy aluminum weatherproofing
  • Widely accessible. You can get it in any local hardware stores.
  • Easy to install. It is light. You do not need any complicated tools to form if according to what shape you wanted it to be.
  • Rust resistant. This will make you enjoy your structure within longer time range. This also means less expense on repair.

mill aluminum flashing coil

Different Features of Aluminum Weatherproofing

Building a house takes many years of preparation for most people. It is something that you work hard for. Keeping your dream house well protected from the damaging effect of the weather can make your investment stronger and protected. Aluminum flashing can give your house the protection it needs from the harsh environment.