Dunlop tires dates back to the 1800’s when John Dunlop noticed his son is struggling to ride his bicycle that had solid rubber for wheels. Dunlop also observed the solid tires influenced the speed of the bicycle. It was then that he took his son’s tricycle and begun wrapping its wheels using thin rubbers, which he glued together and using a football pump, inflated the tied rubber sheets. John used a baby’s bottle as a valve. The main means of transport by this time was bicycles and in 1896 Mr. Dunlop took up the initiative of registering his trademark. After this registration Dunlop Rubber Company Ltd was established. With development and invention of automobiles, the company diversified and started manufacturing car tires.

dunlop direzza perfect summer tires

Important Considerations

Tires are an important part of the car as they provide stability and mobility for the vehicle. Tires come in different sizes and designs. There are also tires for different terrains available for your vehicle. It is important when choosing Dunlop tires to consider the following:

  • Cost of the tires – Dunlop tires prices range depending on the type and size of the tire.
  • Materials used – tires are made either from natural rubber or synthetic rubber. Tires made from natural rubber are preferred to synthetic ones as they are easily bio-degradable.
  • Type of tires – according to Dunlop tires review, there is a wide range of tires for every vehicle depending on the size of the vehicle and terrain where the vehicle is used in.

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Available Tires from Dunlop

Dunlop has since developed different tires to meet with the ever changing needs for vehicles. Below are some of Dunlop tires that are available in the market today:

  • Direzza Dunlop tires have been designed to be on snowy roads, dry and even wet roads.
  • Denovo tires, which were invented in 1970, are preferable for long distance vehicles. These tires are made of thick rubber and are durable. Also, it can accommodate all speeds and terrains.
  • Dunlop atv tires are the most purchased tires from Dunlop. This is a tire comes with a guarantee. Also, it has been designed using the best materials hence of a high quality.
  • Do not undervalue your motorcycle by purchasing just any type of tire, get yourself Dunlop motorcycle tires. These tires are of high quality, durable and affordable. They come in different sizes and designs meeting the customers’ needs.

The next time you are out there looking for quality tires for your vehicle or motorcycle, go for Dunlop tires. Tested through time and trusted for its quality products and services.