Basketball display cases are meant for basketball fans who want to keep their basketball memorabilia organized and in a neat manner. With a basketball display case, you as a basketball fan will no longer have to keep your jerseys, tickets, basketball cards, balls and other such important stuff in boxes in the basement or attic. You can display all these items in cases which you and other people who visit your house can look at.

Basketball display cases are of different types. These types include glass basketball display case, acrylic basketball case and mini basketball display case. You can also find basketball display cases specifically for keeping basketball replica jerseys. Cube display cases are also common among many people.

nba player fansign acrylic display cube

Basketball Jerseys

The most collected pieces of basketball memorabilia are basketball jerseys. This could either be jerseys that have actually been worn by a player before or jerseys of the team you support that were bought when they were brand new. If you have a basketball jersey that has been autographed by your favorite NBA player, then this is something that you most definitely want to display for everybody to see.

acrylic jersey display case

Features Of Basketball Display Cases

  • The good thing about frames for jerseys is that they are dust free. This means that you will not have to worry about having to wash your jersey regularly thus making it age faster.
  • These basketball display cases are also lockable.
  • The acrylic basketball display case has ultra violet light protection. This will prevent your jersey from exposure to fading through sun damage.

secure basketball display cube case

Cube Display Cases

The cube display cases are meant for displaying basketball balls. This is because it is impossible to place the balls in a wall case. These cube display cases are ideal for tabletops. The best cube cases normally have bottoms that are covered with velvet. The base should be made of quality hardwood. The glass used for making this should also be one that does not easily shatter.

Collectible Card Cases

There are also collectible card cases meant for the display of basketball cards. Rather than keeping your basketball cards hidden in a book or a box, you can show them to everybody who visits your room by displaying them on a collectible card case.

fan- given nba basketball shoe memorabilia

Shopping Tips

The best places to find basketball display cases are on the internet and in retail shops that specialize in selling basketball stuff. When you decide to do this shopping over the internet, it is important for you to visit as many sites as possible to avoid getting ripped off. Visiting many sites will help you to compare prices and go for the one where you are getting the best deal.

When you are buying the basketball display case from a basketball store, it is important to go to the store yourself instead of sending someone. By going there yourself, you will get to see exactly what you are looking for. You will also have the ability to ask any questions you might have about the basketball display case. It is also important to note that basketball display cases are not meant purely for basketball use. If you are a fan of other games such as baseball, football, hockey or even golf, there are some cases which you can use interchangeably.