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All About Wrist Guards | Content Injection

Wrist guards are special devices that protect the wrists and sold in sporting goods skateboard and snowboard stores. A wrist guard is one of the most vital equipment for extreme sports like snowboarding, where the most common injuries are sustained on the head, shoulder and wrists. The risk of sustaining a fracture in the sport is at least two times that in skiing.

Importance of Wrist Guards

Specially Designed Wrist Guards

The main concern in sports such as gymnastics and snowboarding, especially for beginners, is the threat of risk fracture. In snowboarding alone, it has been estimated that around 95,000 wrist fractures happen to snowboarders around the world, although the risk of injury is still at a very low level, with a wrist fracture occurring every 1200 snowboarding days. Hence, snowboard wrist guards should always be worn every time you are on the slopes. The problem stems from the fact that a person’s natural reaction when falling is to try to cushion the fall with outstretched hand. Thus, the full force of the fall is usually absorbed by the wrist joints, resulting to injuries. Beginners have the biggest risk of injury because they have more chances of losing balance.

Most Trusted Snowboard Wrist Guard

It has been proven conclusively that wrist guards reduce the chance of wrist injuries, so wrist guards for snowboarding should always be worn by every snowboarder, especially if you are new to the sport. This is also true for other activities that involve danger to the wrists and hands. Thus, there are especially designed wrist guards for gymnastics, roller skaters, skateboarders and inline skaters that are available in various outlets.

Highly Protective Wrist Guards for Gymnastics

Guidelines In Shopping For Wrist Guards

  • Guards for the right and left hands – a wrist guard that was designed to be worn on either hand will not stay securely in place compared to a wrist guard that was specifically designed for each hand. It must be indicated clearly whether the wrist guard is for the right or left hand.
  • Guard lengthshorter guards do not offer as much protection as longer guards. When shopping for wrist guards, look for guard lengths that go beyond your watch strap.
  • Support splints – a good wrist guard should have a support splint on the palm and back or top of the hand. The splint for the palm should be sturdier than the top support.
  • Palm supportthere must be some kind of palm cushioning at impact points, which will spread the impact. The best support would be shaped like a fan.
  • Wrist extensionwrist guards should be rigid enough to prevent your wrist from bending back beyond 45 degrees.
  • Comfort – if you fit the wrist guards in the store and they are not comfortable, chances are they will not be comfortable on the slopes. Make sure that no pressure points are felt when you bend your wrists.
  • Convenience – you must be able to take off your gloves or use your hands easily. In addition, you should also be able to secure, adjust and release bindings without removing a guard.

Best Wrist Guards for Snowboarding

Using wrist guards for safety and protection is essential when engaging to sports that involves the risk of injuring the wrist area. Wrist guards have been around since the ancient times as used by warriors. The purpose remains the same until today. There is a wide variety of wrist guards sold today that incorporates different materials and technology. There are some that has an aluminum plate inside, those that uses Kevlar and so on. You can also find cool and stylish wrist guards if ever you are concerned that it will ruin your getup.