Waterproof mascara has been around for some time now, it is a commonly used piece of makeup. Women choose to use waterproof mascara simply due to the practical advantages that it has to offer. Traditional mascara is really only suitable for one conditional situation, and that is dry and warm surroundings. If there is rain, moisture or anything else similar near the traditional mascara it will run and ruin the women’s makeup.

This is obviously a big inconvenience and makes wearing normal mascara not only a nuisance, but a bit of an overall appearance hazard.  This makes waterproof mascara a welcome addition to any women’s makeup collection.

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The advantage that this product brings means that a lot of women never go back to using a traditional one after using it. It just makes sense to stick with the easiest and least maintenance type of mascara out there on the market. If you read waterproof mascara reviews you will see that almost all women using it are extremely pleased.

  • It is easy to apply.
  • It is no different in appearance to normal mascara.
  • It does not run in wet conditions and is durable so it doesn’t normally need retouch.

easiest way to remove mascara


  • Waterproof mascara is not just ideal for going out and making you beautiful for a night out, it is an everyday use piece of makeup.
  • Its durable qualities make it perfect for someone who is on the go and has an active lifestyle. This is because it’s simple, and low maintenance, you just have to put it on in the morning and not worry about it again until night.
  • You can be confident that you are not going to have to readjust your look during the day if you are using waterproof mascara.

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Tips in Applying Mascara

Waterproof mascara is generally safe to use, there are just a few simple tips that women should follow before applying.

  • The first is that if you need to curl your eyelashes before applying the mascara. If you do this after you have put on mascara, it will not look as good and can create a crumbling effect with the mascara. It may also damage or stain your curling tongs, which can be a big deal to try and clean off.
  • Secondly, you should make sure that the mascara applicator is kept clean and dust free. This will allow for the best application possible in the shortest amount of time. This is after all what you want with a product aimed at durability and convenience.
  • Never add any liquid in the mascara such as water. Always put cap back on every after use to prevent mascara from hardening.

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The only problem is how to remove waterproof mascara. The product is designed to stay on and not come out easily under moist conditions. This makes the removal a little bit trickier than when using normal mascara. As around as how to take off waterproof mascara, you will find many different useful tips and tricks. The most common way is to simply use some make up removal solution on cotton pads. Hold these against your eyes for around 30 seconds then wipe down. Keep repeating this until your waterproof mascara is completely gone. You can also wash your face with facial foam as this helps in removing you mascara as well.