Triathlon is a three-sport type of athletic competition that has become famous since 1920s in France. But the name “triathlon” came about during the 1970s with the first ever swim-bike-run event. Triathlon races do not necessarily follow a strict rule when it comes to the distance. If you are interested in joining a triathlon, be ready to test your endurance as well as agility in performing each rigorous event.

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Swimming is the first event in a triathlon. Athletes are given a colored swim cap and are timed when the event begins. Here are the basic swimming gears you need to complete your tri suit.

  • Wetsuits or Tri Shorts: Make sure you get the right fit for your men’s or womens tri suit. This will improve insulation, buoyancy and aerodynamics.
  • Goggles: This will protect your eyes from the salty water.
  • Swim Cap: This gear will protect your eyes from your hair when swimming underwater.
  • Ear Plugs: This is an optional gear but this helps a lot in preventing salt water from entering your ears.

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The next event is cycling. On the day of the event, the organizers will provide a bike rack for the athletes to park their own bikes. This is where the cycling event starts. As the athlete finishes swimming, he or she then head on to where the bikes are parked and quickly dries and readies for the next event. These are some of the apparels needed before biking.

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  • Bike: Your bike has a big role in helping you in the competition. Make sure you purchase a good bike that will not fail you during the cycling event.
  • Helmet: This is an important protective gear that you should never forget because this would protect your head from any injuries in case of emergency.
  • Bike Shoes: Rubber shoes may look the same but there are actually specific shoes for a specific sport or activity. Make sure you purchase the correct bike shoes you need.
  • Water Bottles or Energy Drinks: You would definitely need water when in this rigorous competition so a water bottle or an energy drink is a must.
  • Biking Gloves: Biking gloves are also needed to prevent your palms from slipping off on your bike handles when you get too sweaty.
  • Sunglasses: Sunglasses will definitely protect your eyes from the scorching sun when you are biking.

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The last event for the triathlon is running. Basically, all you ever need when running is a reliable pair of durable running shoes. Invest in some good brands, as it is important to ensure maximum comfort on the shoes that you are wearing.

These are the basic gears or apparels used during a triathlon competition. To avoid precious time in the competition, wear a tri suit so you do not have to change clothes during the event. You can choose from reliable brands like Orca tri suit and Zoot tri suit. Choose the one that makes you feel more comfortable so you can compete in the triathlon with ease.