Pleated skirts are classic clothing pieces for women but they are also great examples of clothing designs or types that never go out of style even as years go by. These types of skirts feature vertical pleats or folds created by folding the fabric back on its own while it is being tailored. Traditionally, the skirts were mainly used as uniforms for schoolgirls but stylists and fashion designers have reinvented them and created several styles and designs suitable for regular use or for any other purpose. Pleated skirts for women complement all body shapes and figures, bring out the fun and sexy side of the wearer and portray a more feminine look.

Types of Pleats Used For Skirts

There are several designs and styles of pleated skirts that can be made by implementing any of the following types of pleats.

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  • Knife Pleats. Knife pleats are the most common or the basic type of pleat used when creating skirts that feature pleats. With this type of pleat, the layers are created by replicating the same size of fold and observing a single fold direction. Pleats that shall be used in creating school uniforms are larger while the smaller ones are suitable for any other type of wear.

  • Accordion Pleats. Accordion pleats are created in the same manner as knife pleats. The only difference lies on the direction of the folds. Instead of a uniform left or right direction, accordion uses an alternating pattern. This type of pleat is used for purposes of allowing the pleated skirts to expand whenever the wearer is moving.

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  • Box Pleats. Box pleats are created by implementing back-to-back knife pleats or by tucking the fabric unto the pleat existing behind it. The objective is to create large rectangular folds or shapes that feature deep valleys taking the shape of a box. Since the folds are essentially larger, box pleats are not suitable for long pleated skirts but only for the shorter or mini ones. This type of pleats is also ideal for the thicker types of fabric that shall be used in creating skirts like denim.

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  • Cartridge Pleats. Cartridge pleats can be considered as one of the most complicated folds that need to be created when designing pleated skirts. The pleats or folds created on the skirt’s waistline are smaller and are held adjacent with each other. Thus, it requires much more amount of fabric to complete the cycle. This type of pleat is commonly observed in the design of elaborate gowns, formal and cocktail dresses or skirts, etc. The pleat has also been widely observed as the standard pleat for women’s skirt during the 15th and 16th centuries.

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  • Fortuny Pleats. Fortuny pleats feature thinner, smaller, or finer pleats that are suited for use when making skirts made out of silk and other light and delicate fabrics.

Wearing Pleated Skirts

Pleats can be added into a woman’s wardrobe for regular use. Mixing and matching complementary shirts is not really that hard. Skirts that feature pleats can generally be used together with short or long-sleeved shirts, any color, tone, or pattern. Perhaps, the only consideration that you will have to note is the skirt’s ability to be worn day or night. The pleated mini skirts are also recommended for a sexier or more feminine look.