Rough country has been in business over thirty years and while their shock absorbers are in high demand, it is the Rough country lift that really gets the attention of many vehicle owners especially those who own jeeps and trucks. This is because of the high quality materials used in this product and the great amount of work done to make this product be at its best. Lift kits allow you to raise your truck body or suspension to allow you to put taller wheels on your vehicle which not only makes a statement, but also makes for easier driving off road.

rough country lift chevrolet pickup

A Lift For Every Make and Model of Vehicle

Rough Country lift kits come in a variety of sizes, but the 6 inch Rough Country lift really catches the eye as it is made of heavy duty components, painted a dramatic black and provides enough room for 35 inch tires, giving your truck a monster appearance that will take on almost any off road challenge it is offered. The lift kits are made for a variety of vehicles including:

  • Chevy
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • Jeep
  • Toyota
  • Nissan

rough country chevy 4WD

Rough Country Lift Kit Reviews

Reviews for the Rough Country lift are good with these kits rating 4 out of 5 stars on most review sites. Most people who purchase these kits are quite happy with them overall, and state that these kits make their vehicles both look and perform better. However, like any product on the market there are some advantages and disadvantages of these kits that you should be aware of before purchasing a Rough country lift.

6-inch suspension rough country lift


  • Easy installation. The company claims installation only takes 2 to 4 hours, but most users find it takes them a bit longer though many do feel that the installation is not difficult.
  • No Cutting or Welding Required. The great thing about these lifts is that there is no cutting or welding required making it possible for even those who know little about lift installation to install these lifts with little difficulty or worry that they will damage their vehicle.
  • Well Built Parts. One of the things users like best is the fact that the parts in these kits are extremely well made and durable. These parts will last for years even in rugged conditions.


While most people really liked these kits, there are some things that people did not like about using these kits.

  • The Directions. While some users found the directions for installing these kits were completely missing, others found that the printing on their directions were light and smeared to the point of making them unusable.
  • Mixed Kit Parts. A few customers found that they got mixed kit parts. If they bought a 2 inch kit they might get the springs for the 6-inch Rough Country lift kit.

2wd flexin ford F150

Overall, as you can see from various reviews, the Rough Country lift is a great kit for those who want to raise their body suspension so that they can tackle those off road adventures. Easy to install and durable these kits are made for performance.