If you have a high quality projector such as an Epson projector, but do not have a projector screen that has what it takes to portray the image given by, then it will not do justice to what the projector is giving it. Hence, it will ultimately be a disservice to the expecting viewer and the media format. If you don’t want to consider using projector screen paint on your wall and wish to expend on a full projection screen, then here are the four major types of projector screens that you can purchase for your home, office or even classrooms.

Types of Projector Screen

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  • An Electric Projection Screen can be fixed into one place close to the ceiling and rolled down and up electronically depending on usage requirements. It is ideal for home cinema users who wish to use it for watching movies and other media projected onto it. This type is the most advanced of all projector screens on the market.

  • A Portable Projection Screen is able to be erected on any site and is very easy to use. It comes in a casing and has a self-standing format. It is ideal for use whilst traveling whether it’s across the country or merely room to room.

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  • A Manual Projection Screen is fixed into one place close to the ceiling of a room and then the projector screen material is pulled down manually when usage is required. It is ideal for those that cannot justify the price of an electronic projector screen but just require a screen fixed in place, which can be put back when not in use.

  • A Fixed Frame Projection Screen is fixed onto one place where it remains available for use at all times. It is well suited to locations where there is also a fixed projector in place and relies on projection on an everyday basis. They are very commonplace in classrooms alongside a fixed projector.

When buying a projector screen, there are many factors that need to be considered to ensure that the moving image is seen in a clear and concise way. It does not matter what type of screen it is, whether it is a fixed projection screen or a portable projector screen, the screen is what gives the viewer the image and what we view when watching a movie or any kind of other media that might be projected onto it. Be sure to choose the best one that suits your budget and needs.