Basketball is a very popular game in America. Basketball is basically played with two teams of 5 players, battling to shoot the ball in their corresponding baskets. A lot of people have gone gaga over this game and have each of their own chosen NBA teams. One essential thing that could be crucial to the game is the pair of shoes that the players wear. An example of these shoes is the John Wall shoes.

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John Wall is an American NBA player. He is one of the many celebrities who endorse a brand of shoes. Check out these collections of shoes that were named after basketball players.

Examples of Shoes Named after Basketball Players

  • Air Jordan Collection from Nike: This collection has been well received by consumers despite the high price. This collection is actually Nike’s all-time top-selling basketball shoes. The first design was released in 1985. Reviews state that these shoes are very comfortable when playing basketball due to its wide diameter in the toes area.

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  • Chuck Taylor from Converse: The Chuck Taylor collection is probably one of the best-selling sneaker designs of all time. From men to women of any ages, these sneakers are a hit! Each color or design never loses the All-Star trademark located on the ankle part of the shoe.
  • Karl Malone from LA Gear: This collection of shoes did not really garner a good impression from the crowd. Even Karl Malone was not allowed to wear a pair of these shoes because according to the NBA heads, the light emitted from these shoes with every step distracts the players from the game.

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Another popular basketball shoes available in the market are the John Wall Shoes Collection from Reebok. This collection is endorsed by John Wall from the team Washington Wizards. Unlike with the brand Nike, Reebok treats its endorsers like royalty. Even though John Wall is not as popular as the likes of Karl Malone and certainly not Michael Jordan, his collection of John Wall basketball shoes has gained an exclusive release of the design “Beyond the Gold”.

The John Wall shoes have become popular that there are even sizes made available for kids. The John Wall shoes for kids have the same style and colors with the John Wall shoes collection only made with smaller sizes suitable for kids who also love to play basketball.

In 2010, Reebok ran a contest entitled Customize John Wall’s Kicks, which literally allows contestants to customize John Wall shoes with any color and any design. The ultimate winner was chosen by John Wall himself.

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Shopping Tips when Buying Basketball Shoes

  • Always ensure that the shoes you buy for basketball have non-skid soles for health and safety purposes.
  • To be comfortable, only buy basketball shoes that perfectly fit your feet and not because you just love the design.
  • Choose only original brands. Do not be conned by rip-offs as they may look almost the same as the originals, but the quality is always not satisfactory.

Go on, hurry and grab a pair of John Wall shoes now and wow your teammates with your stylish and really comfortable basketball shoes.