When it comes to boxing gloves for women, you have to familiarize yourself with their unique construction. The color, fit and the makers of the glove differ but many of the fundamentals remain the same for both gender gloves.

Difference of Men’s and Women’s Boxing Gloves

The hand bone structure of a woman differs from that of a man. Therefore the designed shape of the boxing gloves for women is custom fit for a woman’s hand. Not to mention the colors differ. Pink boxing gloves are available for female boxers but not offered for male boxers.

Another key difference between the best boxing gloves for women and those for men is weight. Boxing gloves are weight-rated in ounces for different uses. Some are used for sparring or bag punching. Competitive fight gloves are standardized in 12 oz. for women and 14 oz. for men.

womens pink protex2 boxing gloves

Popular Boxing Gear Brands

In professional boxing events on a world stage, you will find 10 oz. weighted gloves the norm.

  • Winning – You won’t find this brand in competitive fights but more so in training. The reason: they are ultra-padded. You can train heavy in them without worrying about injury.
  • Everlast – The most commonly known name brand in boxing is Everlast boxing gloves. These have been in circulation for 100 years or more and are tried and true.
  • Cleto Reyes – A Mexican handmade glove with handmade stitching. These are said to fit and feel natural. The Cleto Reyes have light padding on the knuckles allowing for harder hits.
  • Grants – Offering great wrist support and hand protection, they are padded but not considered pillowy. These are a popular brand among boxing enthusiasts.
  • Rival – These offer great punching power, have enough padding for most puncher-style fighters and are comfortable. Currently they are most popular in Canada.

eastfound sanda glove women boxing glove

Sizes of Boxing Gloves for Women

The sizes of boxing gloves for women vary. Your own personal preferences for training and boxing rules will apply for competitive matches.

Small and medium fall into a similar category while large and extra-large fall into another. The measurements of your hand that are considered are palm width at the knuckles and hand length from longest finger to wrist.

All measurements taken of your hand should be taken after applying boxing hand wraps. That is, after you use the athletic tape or wrap around your hands and wrists, they will appear larger. Only then should you measure because the glove needs to fit around your hand and the added padding.

So if you want to try on boxing, head on to your nearest sports shop and check out some of the boxing gloves for women and ensure that you get the exact fit for you.