Storm windows are protectors that are mounted inside or outside the glass panels of a house. They can be installed internally or externally and are made from different materials such as aluminum, plastic, and even glass sheets. Storm windows work well with any type of climate that is why they have been widely used by homeowners from across the globe.

Exterior And Exterior Aluminum Storm Windows
If you are in for energy- and cost-efficiency, consider installing the humble storm windows in your home. They are capable of doing this as they shield your windows and lessen air infiltration inside during hot and cold season. In addition, they also protect your window from heavy storms and high winds.


Storm Window Options

  • Interior Storm Windows

Easy to remove and install, these windows require less maintenance as compared to other types because they are not exposed to the elements that may damage them. Interior storm windows are more effective at lessening air infiltration than other kinds because they are sealed tightly to the window itself. Moreover, they also help in reducing too much noise outside.

  • Exterior Storm Windows

As the name implies, exterior storm windows are placed over the existing windows outside of home. They work by creating a layer of glass and dead air between two windows. They do not only block the noise outside, but dust and drafts as well. To collect moisture between the original window, some exterior storm windows may have weep holes at their frame’s bottom part. This also allows the moisture in-between to drain.

Installing Interior Storm Windows

  • Aluminum Storm Windows

Just like interior storm windows, these protectors are easy to clean, low maintenance, and energy-efficient. Additionally, they also offer easy installation as altering the home’s structure won’t be necessary. The element aluminum is great as a window frame because of its strong capability to resist weather damage. If you are searching for a plausible alternative for protecting your windows without breaking the bank, consider installing aluminum storm windows.

  • Plastic Storm Windows

Popularly used in apartment complexes, this variety is the best alternative if you want to buy the cheapest storm window there is. They are known to be durable, however, they do not last long like the other types of storm windows. They can only withstand less than three months of weather changes in your window. Even so, you should now that even if you replace them every year, your total expenses will say that they are still a good choice.

In conclusion, storm windows are the ideal and economical solution if you want to save energy and money. They will protect your windows as the weather changes and will also cut down on your energy bills.

Storm windows can be installed on your own. But without proper tools and skills, you may just end up doing it the wrong way. If you are unsure how to do this on your own, contact your local tradesmen or professional installers and have them do the job for you. You may also ask them about storm doors to get the same protection on your entryway. If you already have one and you need to replace its parts, you may also seek their advice about the best storm door hardware that your door needs.