Christmas cheer will not be complete without the shiny and flashy Christmas decorations in the house. It’s probably the most celebrated time of the year where homeowners transform their homes to something spectacular. Most would be aiming to be the best decorated house in the block with flashing Christmas lights and assorted décor everywhere, inside and outside the home. So if you want to ensure you set everything right this Christmas, here’s a simple guideline you can follow to ensure you have a complete list of everything you need to create that perfect setup at home.

The Basics

One of the homeowners must understand very well are the known Christmas colors used in Christmas decorations. These colors include green, white, red and metallic colors like gold and silver. Most of the Christmas decors would revolve around these colors. Green and red would be the most abundant color in these decors being that the Christmas tree and wreath is green while most of the Christmas inspired clothing like Christmas socks and hats are mostly red.

Christmas is said to be a Christianized version of a pagan tradition called the “winter solstice”. Whatever the occasion really means, it’s obviously one of the most festive event of the year where everybody is giving love and care to people all around them. Giving gifts is something most would be looking forward to specially the kids.

original recycled snow covered christmas tree and decors

Popular Christmas Decorations

There are so many Christmas decoration options to go with and everybody would have their own theme and bundle of ideas in decorating the house. From homemade Christmas decors to those you can buy in stores, anything will do as long as it provides that needed Christmas cheer. Below are some of the must-have Christmas décor as used by many.

  • Christmas Tree – This common décor is something that all homes that celebrate Christmas must have. It would be the center of the celebration during this event as the family adorns it with other ornaments and place gifts underneath it. There’s a lot of options in getting one today from conventional pine Christmas trees to artificial ones ranging from large to small. If don’t like the idea of having an oversized Christmas tree to decorate in your small living space, there are tabletop Christmas trees available in numerous designs that will surely suit your taste.
  • Christmas Lights – This decor completes everything wherein it adds that flashy and sparkling effects. Now offered in various types and designs from those would twinkling effects to those that look like falling stars in the sky, there’s a lot to choose from nowadays. Just remember to string them properly to ensure safety, especially if you want to place them outdoors.
  • Christmas Wreaths – This decor is an assortment of twigs, leaves, flowers and sometimes even fruit. It’s a natural piece of decor that are usually hung in doors. Adding a red ribbon and ornaments like golden balls, silver bells, and miniature angels is also a common addition to this decor.
  • Christmas StockingsHung around the fireplace mantel, this sock shaped bag a favorite decor in most families considering that small gifts are placed inside it. Doing personalized ones with the names of each family member is one of the popular Christmas decoration ideas of all time.
  • Gifts – Gifts are not just fun and love filled surprises, they are also additions to the overall Christmas decorations. Usually placed beneath the Christmas tree, the gifts will also add excitement in the family as Christmas nears.

contemporary christmas ornaments

These are just some of the popular and common Christmas decorations. There are tons of other decor you can add in and around your house this Christmas. Gather the entire family together and let everybody decorate the house. After all, it’s spending quality time with family is all that really matters this Christmas.