Many home owners prefer to use live plants as a way to decorate their homes and gardens. Indeed, using common ornamental plants holds numerous advantages over stone or wooden ornaments that most people do not recognize. Although most plants are used for their decorative purpose such as their foliage or their bloom, they also are very vital and functional components of any living space and help
provide a natural feel to the surroundings which has a certain calming effect as well as forming to anchor line for any eco system. Most decorative plants are sold as seeds and come in a packet, others as
cuttings but a few such are planted as bulbs or nodes such as the caladium bulbs.

most common rose ornamental plant

Common Ornamental Plants

Some of the most common ornamental plants include but are not limited to:

1) Roses. Doubtlessly one of the most common garden plants there is. There are several types of rose each with its own unique quality. Due to the meticulous care they require, roses are known to be
particularly fragile as decorative plants.

2) Lilies. These make wonderful ornamental plants because of their simple beauty and grace. They do not require a specific soil type or pH in order to thrive and can grow in direct sunshine or in the shade. Despite the notion most people have of them being fussy or demanding, lilies are very low maintenance plants and make an exquisite decorative plant.

3) Tulips. These are also among the most common ornamental plants there is. They are generally easy to plant and take care of and require very little attention. They do not do well in cool or cold areas and may therefore need to be dug up and stored during the cold seasons.

4) Caladium bulbs. This is a tropical plant of the lily family with large pink, red and white leaves. The caladium is able to grow both outdoors as well as indoors. The plant is very easy to maintain as it requires very little attention. Their bright foliage adds warmth and color to the house.

5) Various types of cacti. By far the easiest and common ornamental plants ever, they require no looking after just an occasional watering to ensure they do not get too dry.

quickly reproduce fern mutated plant

6) Ferns. These are usually outdoor plants. They easily grow in damp places and quickly reproduce. They have large green leaves that give a tropical feel to the area.

7) Grasses. There are numerous types of grasses that are grown for decorative purposes. The type of grass planted will depend on the climate and topography of the area as well as personal tastes. The beauty of using grasses as common ornamental plants is that they require only to be watered and trimmed occasionally.

8) Shrubs. A good example of ornamental shrubs are maple bushes. These require a lot of sun and neutral well-drained soils. They are usually planted as specimen that is on their own as the focal point of the garden . alternatively, they can be planted in a row or a group of trees.