Many outfit accessories are made adjustable like the adjusting ability of zipper ties.  Have you ever experienced an outfit disaster where everything is going well together except your tie? Well, you are not alone in the world!

Because of you and many others who experienced this dilemma, zipper tie was invented. It made way of life of those who are getting dressed for work easier before the advent of zipper ties. It is a new way of dressing up, somewhat like express dressing up. It offers convenience of time and fashion finish without the fuzz. Zipper ties are the answer to your normal tie problems.

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Understanding Zipper Ties

Zipper ties are like a normal tie in appearance but it has a permanent loop with zipper on the back that can be adjusted as to what width you want your tie to be. It can also be less time consuming because of the permanent knot on the neck which does not require you to tie your necktie.

How to Use Zipper Ties

Using zipper ties are easy. It is easier than using the conventional tie. The first thing you should do is to hold the tie’s short tail and knot. You will then be able to zip it up easily. Adjust it to your desired tightness. There is a locking mechanism that can be used quite easily on the tie. As long as it is secured, the zipper won’t fall off. It has a good grip that is controllable every time you want to adjust your tie.

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Advantages Of A Zipper Tie

Just when you start asking what good this type of tie will do to you; zipper tie advantages will show you more reasons to be thankful why this innovation has arrived in your grasps.

  • It offers option. Zipper ties for men offers option on how wide your tie will be. Fashion wise, it can be adjusted to what width you want your tie to be that goes best to the shirt you are wearing.
  • It can conserve your time adjusting the tie. Because off the permanent knot, you do not have to tie it. It can readily be adjusted according to your preference unlike traditional tie in which you have to be careful in knotting to achieve the right length or tightness. If you miscalculated the knot, you have to redo tying the traditional tie which takes too much time.
  • It has extra feature. It can have an extra pen pocket if you do not open the zippers wide.
  • For those who do not know how to make a knot on their tie, this is a foolproof option. Boys zipper ties are especially made to be pre-knot so they can use it easily. You do not have to make a knot. You slip it over your neck, adjust the length and off you go.
  • It perfectly fits your neck. Unlike other neckties which you will adjust and make the knot, they cannot fit snuggly on the collars of your shirt.
  • Eliminate the frustration of knotting the tie. No matter how used you are with the knots, if you are not in the mood and you are in a hurry, this can be frustrating. With zipper ties, no need to frustrate with the tie knotting process.

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Zipper ties can be worn with the traditional ties. May it be for formal occasion, with the usual coat-and-tie or your normal office attire; these zipper ties look good. There is no reason to get irked up with a problem of where or what to wear it with. It is also available in a wide range of color and design choices so you can wear one that will complement with your attire.

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The zipper ties are very efficient. It provides so many things to make the complicated knot tying of a tie less stressful, less complicated and less time consuming. Zipper ties for men and zipper ties for boys are also available. You can also choose from the wide variety of designs. So, next time you want to buy a tie, choose zipper tie over the others for your own convenience.