Wilden pumps are known worldwide in the double-diaphragm, air-driven segment of pumps. They are used from pumping water all the way to hydrochloric acid given the specifications and specialty pump housing and fittings to do so. You will not be disappointed with the experience, engineering capability, nor the pricing of Wilden pumps as they have established themselves as a worldwide presence in the pump industry.

wilden original metal pumps

Brief Company Background

An experienced company, Wilden has been in business since 1955 putting out a high quality product. Their specialty is in manufacturing double-diaphragm pumps; these of course also run off of air. Their expertise and focus in this field gives Wilden deep knowledge in their products and the pump industry as a whole. Wilden diaphragm pumps are sold and serviced worldwide.

Graco and SandPiper are their largest competitors. But Wilden pumps are known for their quality construction and the company’s determination to solve your pump needs. Wilden prides itself in approaching any pump-related job they can handle and keep customer satisfaction at a high level.

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Common Uses And Features

What are Wilden pumps commonly used for? You will find Wilden pumps and Wilden pumps parts used in numerous applications. Initially, they were designed for heavy construction use such as in mining. These double-diaphragm pumps are great for siphoning slurry, mud, cement and other viscous liquids. They use a stroke-action system with an air-driven piston which pulls the liquid into and out of chambers at given intervals to help move liquids the way the operator wishes.

original wilden air driven double-diaphragm pump

Popular Models And Features

Numerous pump models are used in different applications quite commonly. The Wilden Pro-Flo X PX1 is from the original Wilden pump series. It is known for its temperature, abrasion, and chemical tolerance as a metal pump. This pump can be used for various applications and withstands impressive use duration while keeping a very minimal down time factor.

The Wilden Turbo-Flo T15 is also a popular pump. Its 125.0 PSI discharge pressure and 3 inch inlet size make this an all-around great option for many viscous liquid uses.

  • Wilden Pumps (Metal) – These come in different metal forms. You have a housing option of alloy C, die cast aluminum and stainless steel. They are sealed and bolted tight to prevent leakage and improve liquid containment. You will also enjoy the liquid path within the pump as it has gone through redesign allowing it to flow better at lower friction rates.
  • Wilden Pumps (Plastic) – You get the same Wilden quality and engineering in plastic form. They are sealed tight to prevent leakage and improved diaphragm technology improves liquid flow. Whether your application requires metal or plastic, Wilden is the brand to trust.
  • Wilden Pumps M8 – Teflon PTFE options abound for elastomers on this model. It is rugged enough to withstand multiple waste types of applications and other heavy liquids. Boasting 163 GPM flow rate and a max pressure of 125 PSI, you will not be let down with this pump powerhouse.

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These are just some of the more popular models that Wilden pumps manufacture.