A wedding is a couple’s affair but on the way to it, more often than not, it is that of the bride’s. You can hardly find a groom who will be more than willing to spend hours on end looking for the right colors for the bridesmaids’ gowns or getting the perfect paper type for the invites or even risk hay allergies at the florists picking the right type and flower arrangement or whether to get real or silk roses for weddings.

True enough, more and more of today’s brides have opened their minds to the idea of scrapping the real fresh blooms altogether and go for the silk ones. However, there still are those who are wary of getting silk flowers for their weddings and it is quite understandable – no bride wants an ugly wedding. The occasion never fails to bring out every woman’s inner OC.

creative purple wedding bouquets

Silk Flowers Vs Fresh Flowers

Using artificial flowers silk roses for weddings is hardly a new idea; many brides in the past have taken the risk of skipping the traditional. And to the happy brides, these are some of the advantages of using silken flowers over the real ones:

  • Silk Flowers Require Less Maintenance. The florist could deliver your silk roses a month ahead or the morning of the wedding itself. There is hardly any need to get them in at the right time, keep them hydrated and looking alive, or even avoiding chemical reaction among different types of flowers. Arrange them, display them, they are done and ready for the wedding.
  • They Are Cheaper. Silk roses for weddings are becoming top choices for couples who are running on a budget. The only thing that they pay for the artificial flowers are the materials used in them and the service of arranging them. And for the artsy and diligent brides (and grooms), they can make the flowers themselves and save on costs. And because there is no danger of wilting, they can do it way ahead of the big day.
  • They Are Souvenirs In Themselves. For some couples, getting silk flowers for their wedding is hitting two birds with one stone. Because they do not wilt, the flowers can be distributed to the guests at the reception with a little thank you note from the couple and act as the souvenir itself.
  • They Are Uniform In Color. Real flowers vary in size and color. Artificial ones don’t. This will help with making the centerpieces and floral arrangements perfectly uniform in color and style.

Common Designs And Uses

  • Bridal Bouquet

Silk roses for weddings are the best and most inexpensive alternatives to fresh flowers for the bridal bouquet. Plus, the bride gets to keep them for as long as she wants. It could be a ball of velvet red silk roses or a bouquet of pastel-colored wild flowers.

  • Corsages For The Bridesmaids

They can easily match the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses and will not ruin or wilt.

  • Centerpieces And Aisle Decorations

Use them with silk leaves or silk ribbons or thrown in a few wooden flowers here and there and you have some cute little flower arrangement that your special guests can also take home.

apple- like color silk rose bridal bouquet

Couples must ensure that they are getting their silk flowers for their wedding from a reliable florist so they get a run for their money and a seamless, impeccable dream wedding come true.