A freeze dried fruit is delicious, healthy, and a budget-conscious way of food preservation.

Some of the most common freeze dried fruit types are:

  • Bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Cherries
  • Peaches
  • Dried Mango
  • Apples

specialized freeze dried banana slices

These are all delicious and this isn’t an all-inclusive list. If you’re considering organic freeze

dried fruit then you’re looking at a higher dollar cost. However, when you preserve food in this

fashion, it will last a long time. The removal of 98% of the water results in a lightweight type of food (easier storage and transportation) that can be accessed and re-sealed without worry (lower carrying cost and extended use). The advantages are numerous including savings via freeze dried fruit bulk purchasing.

Benefits of organic

To ensure you aren’t consuming pesticides and chemicals, you’ll want to target organic freeze dried fruit. It not only has an extensive shelf life but with the moisture content removed you reduce bacterial growth and overall fruit weight. Less weight makes storage easier especially for family foodstuffs in case of emergency.

Organic food can often be sourced locally. This gives you a closer relationship to the cultivator of the fruit and you’ll know exactly what you’re purchasing and eating.

The Process of Freeze Drying

When it comes to preserving freeze dried fruit, there is a certain process it must go through. The fruits should be fresh (can be cooked) and they are then flash frozen.

Next up is the vacuum chamber. At temperatures nearing -50 degrees Fahrenheit, there is a 98% reduction in water suspended in the fruit. The evaporation of the ice causes this effect.

The freeze dried fruit is then placed in special packaging. The packages are meant to be moisture (and oxygen) proof to help preserve the fruit until you open the package.

Once water is returned to the food, it will retain its original taste and flavor as well as texture. This differs from air drying the food because in air drying, you will find that the food shrivels and can often lose some of its fresh flavor.

fda approved freeze dried apple slice no peel

Freeze dried fruit powder

Using fruit powder can strike you as confusing. This isn’t a filling meal in itself but intended to be used as a topping or filler. What fresh fruit powder can be used for is adding a spike of flavor. In desserts, breakfast cereals, yogurts and even candy fillings you can add freeze dried fruit powder for flavor.