Funky nails made by press on nails are getting a lot of attention from fashion savvy girls. It makes very pretty set of fingernails. There are a lot of design collections to choose from. When you are wearing it, you will see the difference it can bring to your nails compared by having just manicure. People will notice and will surely be impressed by the distinctive design of your nails. Some people may feel awkward towards painting long nails. But they will surely appreciate the press on nails after knowing its benefits.

very impressive press on nails

Benefits Of Press On Nails

Press on nails offer a lot of benefits to the wearer. Here are some of them:

  • Fast Results

You can apply it on your nails and have instant results after 5 minutes. You don’t have to wait in the waiting area of a salon for your turn. Waiting gets a lot of your time when you can do so much more. This is also best for people who are so busy and have only a few minutes for themselves.

  • Personal Effort

You can appreciate a thing more if you do it yourself. Press on nails is a DIY. You will be able to bond with yourself that you seldom do with all the bustles in the workplace and in the house. It will be a self pampering time for you when you apply the press on by yourself.

new broadway nails press on manicure

  • Various Designs

There are so many designs to choose from. You can change your press on nails to match your dress, your shoes or your mood. It is so easy to change. You can have as many changes as you wish in a day although press on nails can stay on your finger nails for about 7 days. Your nails can have beautiful patterns that are not so possible when you paint nail polish manually.

  • Long Nails

You can have long nails even if you do not grow your nails long. Like busy mothers who are always running after their kids, changing diapers and doing a lot of household chores, you do not have any intension to grow your nails long. Press on nails is your only chance to have longer nails without growing them.

  • Perfect Fit

When you buy a press on nail set, there are 28 nails to choose from so that you can find the perfect fit for your nails.

  • Lasting Shine

You can have a lasting shine on your nails with press on nails. It does not lose its shine even after doing the dishes or the laundry. You can enjoy the shine thru out the 7-day life span of the press on nails.

limited edition halloween nails

Top Brands Of Press On Nails In The Market Today

There are many brands available in the stores near you. Revlon press on nails, Kiss press on nails and Impress by Broadway are the leading brands. They offer durable press on nails in many designs and patterns. If you are deciding to buy them for the first time, try to buy the best press on nails available because people have already tried them and found them worth the price. You can also enjoy a sturdier brand more because it will not easily get ripped or broken.

arty kiss press on nails

Still, press on nails offer the best that you can get over manicure from a salon. It cuts off lengthy waiting time, cuts the cost of service, speedy change and pretty designs to choose from. It also gives you an alternative to keep your nails short while doing the household chores and instantly wear long nails after your application. Having long nails is never so easy and fun with press on nails.