Do you know what cycling pants are? Most people don’t understand how these will benefit them and how they are different from regular shorts or pants. The truth is that cycling pants are made out of polyester and give the rider more comfort while they ride and also protection against the friction of the seat and also potential accidents.

If you are not sure why cycling pants are so important, then you might want to see how they compare to other outerwear. Don’t make the mistake that so many novice riders make and think you are ok with regular clothes because most riders are not. It is recommended that you at least use cycling shorts underneath your regular clothes that way you don’t get a rash or hurt your legs in any other way.

windproof fleece cycling pant

Benefits Compared To Other Outerwear

  • Jeans – Jeans are not very comfortable and thus should not be used for cycling. Even if it is cold outside, you are better off buying cycling pants. What a lot of people do is they buy winter cycling pants because they have the cycling underlay as well as the top layer to keep them warm no matter how cold it may be.
  • Cotton Shorts – Have you ever got cotton wet? It was probably tough to move around it, right? This is because cotton absorbs moisture and that is why cycling rain pants are what you should consider buying. Even if there is no rain, you will still perspire when cycling and therefore, you will be better off with pants or even shorts that move the moisture away from your body as opposed to holding onto it.

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  • Dress Pants – Another type of pants that people tend to wear are dress pants. Although, this may seem like an odd choice, these are very light and that is why some people decide to wear them. Just know that dress pants will start to wear down due to all the friction from the bike seat and after a few rides you will have to replace your pants.

As you can see, these clothes do not compare to cycling pants and that is why it is highly recommended that you get some. Just know that there are many different types of cycling pants that you can get, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for cycling pants men can wear or women, there are easy to find.

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Popular Cycling Pants Designs

  • Baggy Pants – Baggy pants are great for cycling and the reason is because they make most riders feel more comfortable than just wearing the skin tight pants. Something that you should know about baggy pants is that they have the skin tight cycling pants inside them. However, they are layered with another pair of pants for added warmth and protection.
  • Skin Tight Pants – There is not a lot to say about skin tight cycling pants other than the fact that they are used mostly for racing and competition. If you are a competitive rider, then you might find these to be the pants you use most often as they reduce the amount of wind resistance that you build up.

cyclist most used nipmuc cycling pants

There are more designs that you can choose from, however, these are the two basic options that you will have. Both are roughly the same thing, the only difference is that the baggy pants don’t cut back on wind resistance and they are usually heavier. Just keep this in mind for when you decide to buy cycling pants for yourself.