Do you know what a holographic nail polish is? Chanel holographic nail polish is manufactured by the world renowned Chanel Company that was started by the revolutionary Coco Chanel whose exciting new clothing designs changed designer fashions forever. With the success of their clothing line, the Chanel Company turned their dedication to create inspiring cosmetics for women and have now become known for their high end cosmetic line as well as their fashion. Chanel Holographic nail polish nail polish has been a huge hit since it was first introduced, and their new holographic nail polish has been well received and much sought after.

Chanel Holographic nail polish

Chanel Holographic Nail Polish Overview

Chanel holographic nail polish is different from other nail polishes even those that contain glitter or other sparkling bits, in that this nail polish actually changes color when hit by direct sunlight. This makes this special type of nail cover both fun and fashionable. It seems that almost everyone who tries this Chanel holographic nail polish finds themselves awed by this latest fashion in the cosmetic industry.

Advantages of Chanel Holographic Nail Polish

Chanel Holographic nail polish offers a few advantages to those women who love looking their best and creating their own fashion statement. Here are just a few of the advantages these nail lacquers offer.

Stunning chanel holographic black nail polish

  • Draws Attention To Beautiful Hands And Manicured Nails. Let’s face it women spend a lot of money to have their nails manicured and they want people to notice just how good their hands and nails look. What could be better than nails that shimmer, glimmer and change color to bring your nails the attention they deserve.
  • Long Lasting. Because this a nail lacquer, it lasts longer than those cheaper polishes which means that in most cases you can enjoy this nail cover all day and all night without worrying about it chipping or flaking.
  • Fun And Inspirational. Holographic polish is both fun and inspirational, allowing women to feel as though they are trendy while still having their own style. The halo effect of this polish always keeps things fun and interesting and there are several different colors to choose from.

chanel duo platinum nail polish

Because the Chanel Holographic nail polish is a one of a kind of high end nail cover it doesn’t come cheap.  Chanel holographic nail polish price can start at $20.00 and go up from there. In addition, some of the colors offered in this nail cover are difficult to find. This is probably why a number of nail polish manufacturers have taken a page from Chanel’s book and started creating Chanel holographic nail polish dupe in a variety of colors that are a close match to the real thing.

Chanel Holographic nail polish

Consumers who buy look-alike Chanel lacquers, may pay less for these imitations, but many lack the quality, the spectacular color changes and halo effect of the real thing. These imitation lacquers may still be fun and trendy, but they simply are not the same as compared with the original. For some people only the real thing will do, and if you are one of those people then you will search high and low to find the one and only Chanel holographic nail polish in the color of your choice.