A stylus pen can be described as a pen shaped device used to interact with devices that utilize a touch screen. There are different types of stylus pens in the market and they have different qualities as well as different popularity among users. One type of stylus which is meant to replace your fingers in navigating through the touch screen is called the capacitive stylus.

Capacitive stylus is known for unique features that makes it easy to use with capacitive touch screen devices. It is well suited to work with different technologies that have been used to develop touch screen devices. Interacting with a touch screen can be quite challenging especially when using your fingers to navigate and that is the major reason why stylus pens were developed. Some advantages that the best capacitive stylus pen has are listed below.

Advantages Of A Capacitive Stylus

  • It can be used in different temperatures and still be effective.

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  • Capacitive stylus pens require no ink and hence are convenient to use at any time. Most touch screen devices have a slot where you can keep your stylus pens so that they do not get lost easily and are available for use whenever you want.

  • Stylus pen makes navigation easier since it is more precise and offers an option of moving your fingers instead of moving all your hand when navigating with your capacitive touch screen stylus pen.

  • They prevent damage to your touch screen which may be caused by long fingernails.

  • Lessen the dirt that may come in contact with the touch screen. These are normally due to dirty fingers.

When shopping for a capacitive stylus pen, there are some things that you have to put into consideration.

Features To Look For

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  • Sensitivity– this pertains to how the screen reacts to the stylus to get the desired result. You should go for a capacitive stylus that is highly sensitive which will reduce the effort required to browse through the touch screen device.

  • Drag of your stylus pen– this can be confused with sensitivity but it deals with friction rather than precision. A good capacitive stylus should have a good friction rate. This will make it easier to drag and drop items in your touch screen. Good friction does not necessarily mean that it is high; it should be just right to ensure durability of the screen.

  • Length of the pen. Although it is not widely considered, a stylus pen’s length is something that you should not ignore. You should choose a length that matches your device’s length which will reduce efforts that you use while navigating.

Browse over the internet to get a good idea on what is the best capacitive stylus for your device. Read reviews and compare prices to select the best one to use. If you are on a tight budget, you can also make your own capacitive stylus. A DIY capacitive stylus can be done with the use of a regular pen with the ink cartridge taken out. Replace the tip with a small piece of conductive foam and you have an instant capacitive stylus.