Daniel Green slippers were started by a traveling shoe salesman with the same name in 1881. When he was still with the Wallace Elliot Company in the city of New York, he went to Dolgeville, New York and was shown a pair of shoes that were made from waste piano felt that were produced by the Dolgeville Felt Mill. He immediately noticed that the felt shoes are being used by numerous factory employees to keep their feet protected from the cold stone floor of the factory. Impressed by what he saw, Green brought one pair back to Canastota, New York, where he showed it to his brother, William.

The brothers talked with the owner of the felt mill to see if they could be allowed to make felt slippers and shoes that would be sold to the shoe trade. The owner agreed and Daniel Green was given sole agency. When the brothers returned to Canastota, the company known for the Daniel Green dormie slippers today was founded.

vintage Daniel Green Slippers

As of date, over a hundred million Daniel Green slippers have been produced and the brand continues to be known for the unequalled comfort and great quality that has made them popular during the early days of the company. Although many of the styles are traditional and classic, the company has expanded its Daniel Green house slippers collection into a wide selection of fashion, looks and utility that can be used even outside the home. At present, the company is selling shoes and slippers under three brands namely Daniel Green, L.B. Evans and Woolrich.

Your feet will not be comfortable in generic slippers that can be bought from discount outlets, since they are usually made from cheap materials. They also tend to wear out faster. In contrast Daniel Green slippers have a high degree of quality and made with the finest materials. Your feet will be pampered with well-made and designed Daniel Green bedroom slippers that are composed of genuine fleece and sheepskin shearling with a versatile indoor and outdoor sole.

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Important Terms

  • Sheepskin Shearling

Some styles of L.B. Evans and Daniel Green slippers are made of real sheepskin shearling, which is a fabric that is soft and comfortable for the feet. In addition, sheepskin is an exceptional insulator that provides additional luxury during cold days. The material is moisture proof making your slipper comfortable and dry throughout the year.

  • Fleece

This material is light in weight, comfortable and soft. Daniel Green slippers are lined with fleece, allowing you to feel like you are treading on soft pillows. The Callie eco-friendly slipper is an example of Daniel Green footwear that has a soft fleece lining. Others that are worthy of mention are the Hailey and the Bridget.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Soles

Many Daniel Green slippers have soles that are great for indoor or outdoor use. Thus, you can get your newspaper or check your mail in the box straight from your bedroom without changing footwear. A good example would be the Daniel Green Claire.