Among some of the greatest artists the world has ever known, Mark Rothko is a well known name. The name is related to the painter’s circle of New York School in the era of 1940’s which marked the beginning of a new period in the American art. Best known for his innovative new form of abstract painting, he worked with different styles of art before reaching his signature creation of abstract paintings. Some of these famous creations can be bought at abstract art for sale online.

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In the winter of 1913, a talented Mark Rothko migrated to the United States at a very young age. While up giving up his studies in the middle, he moved to New York which marked the beginning of his life as an artist. Some of his early works included various expressionist portraits while moving on to surreal themes inspired by the works of Arshille Gorky. The early abstract art by Mark Rothko presented archaic forms and symbols as subject matter illuminating modern existence. These painting were highly influenced by Surrealism, Cubism and abstract art. He merged the European styles of Surrealism and abstraction accordance with the mythic form. In many paintings among the abstract art for sale, one can find a glimpse of these combinations.

In definitive terms, abstract art is a form of painting that utilizes a visual language of color, form and line to create compositions free from visual references. Although it is one of the distinct styles of art, it does not provide an accurate representation of a form or object. These paintings differ in various ways such as shape, color and form from other type of paintings. One can find a number of distinct abstract art prints for sale including paintings by Mark Rothko on

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Since there are various different styles of abstract art out there, among the most prominent includes Cubism, Neoplasticism and abstract expressionism. Mark Rothko is among the various prestigious artists who created masterpieces in the field of abstract expressionism. His unique creations have marveled the art world for many years and can also be viewed at famous art galleries. These and other magnificent time-less masterpieces can also be bought on certain abstract art for sale websites. This type of art not only instigates curiosity in an onlooker’s eyes but also fascinates his or her creative side. Mark Rothko abstract paintings have given the art world some of the best creative prints ever.