The Weeping Willow tree has been around for a long time and many homeowners like the look of these bigger trees. If you like the look of a Weeping Willow tree, then you should think about getting one planted around your home. Before you do this though, it is recommended that you look at some Weeping Willow tree pictures so that you get an idea of how people place these so that they are not in the way or breaking anything while they grow. Being that a Weeping Willow tree can get fairly big, it would be wise to keep them far enough away from any structures. There are a lot of things to consider before planting a Weeping Willow tree. Here, you will find everything you know to know to ensure good outcomes in these magnificent trees. But first, one needs to know the basic facts about Willows.

big and tall weeping willow tree

Weeping Willow Tree Facts

Before planting one in your yard, it’s good to know what the tree has to offer. Aside from the excellent shade and the natural aesthetic appeal it provides, Weeping Willow trees are ideal materials for certain wood products. This includes handcrafting materials for baskets, furniture, broom handles and certain wooden instruments like whistles and flutes. The tree’s bark is also popularly used as charcoal for art. Some also make fences out of the tree.

Guides On Planting Weeping Will Trees

Just like any other plants, you cannot just plant them in any space. There are certain things that homeowners need to be mindful of before digging that hole.

5 cool weeping willow tree facts

  • Keep Away From Homes – If you read through any Weeping Willow tree facts you will see that some of them grow to be much bigger than they were expected to be. This is why you need to keep them far away from your home or any other structure. Too many people plant them too close and this is never a good thing for the house.

  • Near Water Is Preferable – The best place to plant a Weeping Willow tree is near the water. Now, you need to make sure that it isn’t too close that the bottom of the tree gets saturated, you just want to keep it somewhat moist.

cute dwarf weeping willow tree

  • Don’t Plant Too Close Together – One other thing that you should not do is plant the trees too close together. A lot of people make this mistake when the trees are smaller and then they get bigger and start to grow into each other. If you are planting a dwarf Weeping Willow tree, then this will be fine but for regular ones you need to spread them out.

Planting a Weeping Willow tree the right way is essential to getting it to grow the way it is supposed to. Now, once you get your Weeping Willow tree to grow the way you want it to you will then have to maintain it. Here are some tips on maintaining your Weeping Willow tree.

Maintenance Tips

vivid weeping willow tree pictures

  • Pruning – Pruning is only advisable while it is young. It is essential to prune outlying branches and create one central leader only which should obviously be centered and balance. After which, no pruning is required when the Weeping Willow tree grows old unless you want it too loose its shape and look like something else.

  • Keep Tree Moist – Another tip is to always keep the tree moist. If this means you have to spray water on it from time to time, then do it. The problem that many people have with these trees is they go from green to brown in a hurry and the reason is because they are not getting enough water. Just make sure you water them at least twice a week in order to give them the moisture that they need unless the tree is already planted in a moist area.

Maintaining your Weeping Willow tree is fairly easy, that is why so many people plant them in their yard. Just make sure that you know everything you possibly can about a Weeping Willow tree before you plant them or else you could run into some problems.