Marc Jacobs Lola is a women’s perfume from the Marc Jacobs perfume line that was launched in August 2009. It is said to have a fruity scent of pink pepper, pear, and ruby red grapefruit, mixed with the sweet flowery scents of peony, rose, and geranium, with a hint of vanilla, plus creamy musk and tonka.

It is just one of the many fine fragrances available in the Marc Jacobs perfume line of scents for women that work well to wear on a night on the town with your special date. You can search online and see all of the different scents that this brand has and decide if you want to try Lola or one of the other scents.

original marc jacobs lola perfume

Marc Jacobs Perfume Comes In Several Sizes

Marc Jacobs perfume comes in many different scents that their customers love. The Marc Jacobs Lola is just one of these that they introduce all the time. It was made by perfume designers Calice Becker and Yann Vaniser and come in three sizes: 30ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml.

Where Can You Buy Mark Jacobs Perfume?

It is possible to purchase Mark Jacobs perfume, whether you want Marc Jacobs Lola or some other scent, both online in several fragrance shops, as well as in person at Bloomingdale’s department stores. If you choose to buy it in person, you can actually get to smell it from a sample bottle before you decide to get it to see if you like it.

It retails around $50 but you may be able to find it cheaper online or find a coupon code to use to help offset the cost. You can buy it separately or in a Marc Jacobs perfume set. The set makes a great gift for that special woman’s birthday or other special occasion that they are sure to love.

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Review of Marc Jacobs Lola Perfume

A Marc Jacobs perfume review on Lola finds that most new users of Lola like it very much and find that the scent is “fresh and clean” with a “subtle smell,” and that they like the “cute bottle with the flower lid.”  It was a scent that Lola users say that makes it a Marc Jacobs perfume men like to smell on their girlfriends or wives.

Many of the women trying it out for the first time said that the March Jacobs perfume made them “feel special” and that they could “see themselves wearing it often.”