Based in Soho but originally coming from Southern France, Jean Michel Cazabat is a world famous shoe designer who just opened his own first boutique located on Bleecker Street in Manhattan, New York. The shop was patterned after his Soho loft, in the signature color of the designer, which are red, gold and blue. The reason is because the designer wants costumers who enter his store to shop for Jean Michel Cazabat shoes to feel like they are coming into his own home.

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Jean Michel Cazabat wedges as well as Jean Michel Cazabat boots and flats all feature attractive details such as lush textures, delicate ruching and perforated leather. They can all be found lining the display shelves of the Jean Michel Cazabat boutique.

Jean Michel Cazabat also has a men’s line that was launched in 2003. His modern offerings of beautiful pumps, striking sandals and pretty booties have prices starting from 250 dollars to 400 dollars. All the footwear are well made, comfortable and has that unique capability of making your feet look very sexy.

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A number of the most respected retailers in the world carry Jean Michel Cazabat collections. These include, Bloomingsdale, Barneys, Harvey Nichols and Neiman Marcus. If you envy one of the designer shoes, here are some guidelines that you can follow when shopping for them.

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Shopping Tips On Jean Michel Cazabat Footwear

  • Get a pair that is a perfect fit. Just because Jean Michel Cazabat shoes look perfect on the shelves does not mean that they will fit the contours of your feet perfectly. Thus, it is vital that you put them on first before making a buying decision
  • Get Jean Michel Cazabat shoes that will fit your work and lifestyle. Creations that feature bead works, glass heels and other delicate designs are great for social functions but not for walking on pavements and rough streets
  • Select an investment piece. The trendier the design, the faster it will be dated. If you intend to make your Jean Michel Cazabat footwear an investment, choose a style that will stay in fashion for a long time
  • Stay away from imitations. No matter how high the quality of a fake Jean Michel Cazabat is, do not buy them just to have a designer footwear. If you cannot yet afford to buy a genuine pair, save your money until you can already afford one

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  • Look for second hand Jean Michel Cazabat footwear. If it is okay for you to wear used designer shoes, you can check out thrift stores and auction sites. Bear in mind though that if you are going to choose this route, you have to be careful with the shoes that you are going to buy. You do not want yourself to be fooled into buying a pair of Jean Michel Cazabat creations that is fake. If you want to have more insights on how to identify fake brands, there are many online sites that offer free advice on the matter. Remember to follow them once you are out shopping on your own.