Natural gases are non renewable hydrocarbons that are formed from fossils in the underground rocks. They are used for the purpose of production of heat and other fuels as well as raw materials for other products. They are used in the homes, commercial buildings, electrical plants and industries. Some of the industries using natural gas need the gas for many reasons. It is known that about forty- three percent of the natural gas produced is used in the industries and it is the most used source of energy.

food processing industry uses natural gas

Some Industries That Use Natural Gas

The industries using natural gas use the same for normal house hold works like for heating, cooking and drying purposes. It is also used in the recycling of waste that is produced from the factories.

Here are some examples of the industries that use natural gas:

1.)  Food Processing Industries:

The food processing industries are one of the major consumers of natural gases. They use the hydrocarbons for the production and manufacturing of food and beverages. They use it in the production of heat as well, which is used in the ovens to bake bread and cakes in a large scale. They are used also as preservatives for foods that are easily spoiled.

2.)  Pharmaceutical Industries:

Pharmaceutical industries also use the natural gas for the manufacturing and preservation of drugs and medicines. The gas is used to keep the medicines under the required temperature, in order to keep them preserved and safe for consumption.

3.)  Fire Extinguisher Manufacturers:

Industries that are known for production of fire extinguishers can use this natural gas to make these fire inhibitors. They also use them to test their kits. They separate the different gases present and ensure they have an odorless gas that will not leak in the air causing fires.

metal and plastic industry

4.)  Plastic, Glass, and Metal Manufacturing Industries:

There are times when the industries using natural gas use the natural gas for creation of plastic equipment and also for the melting of glasses when one is forming some equipment made of the materials. Other materials include the metallic and pulp materials.

Heating is done in the heating units using the natural gas in the industries using natural gas. This method of heating using the infrared is known to produce heat economically for industries using ceramic fibers. Oxygen is used to increase the temperature. There is no fire that is involved in this process. There are those that transfer the energy into the water heating it. Other industries combine both the heat produced and power for faster manufacturing of products.

Due to the high industrial use of natural gas, demands for the natural gases have grown over time. There are seasons when there is scarcity of the commodity in the market while other times there are plenty depending on the seasons. As time changes, many industries are growing and all of these industries have the need for the natural gases, which made some of them resort to natural gas conversion.