The importance of knowing how to choose the right bra size can never be overemphasized. Many women end up with drawers full of bras they never wear simply because they didn’t make the right choice in the first place. It makes no economic sense to waste money on a bra that is either uncomfortable or gives you a terrible appearance just because you didn’t know how to select comfortably fitting cute bras.

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How To Choose The Right Bra

Women body types come in different shapes and sizes. This makes the task of choosing a good bra quite challenging if you don’t know the key things to consider while purchasing a bra. It is not so much the brand but your physique and size that matters when shopping for bras. Here are the key things you need to know before you choose a bra.

Your Measurements

You need to find out your bra measurement to find one that fits you comfortably. Bras are normally sized in two universal dimensions namely the band and the cup. For example, a 36D bra comes with a band size of 36 inches a D cup size. Basically, there are many variations in women’s breasts ranging from volume, size, shape, and spacing. The volume may be more spaced at the bottom, on the sides, or at the top. Bra sizes provide a standardized measure of bras for different types of women’s breasts sizes and shapes. Some bras come with adjustable hooks that allow minor adjustments.

  • How To Measure Your Band Size

This is a simple task which involves measuring your ribcage.

You’ll first place a tape measure below your bust and take a circular measurement to the nearest inch. Then measure the size around the fullest part of your bust. Avoid stretching the tape measure too tight or too loose to find an accurate size. Ideally, have someone else help you with this task.

  • How To Measure The Right Cup Size

The cup size is determined by the difference between the two measurements you took in the first and second step.

If you arrive at a difference of less than one cup, then you size is AA cup. A difference of 1 inch makes you an A cup, 2 inches is a B cup, 3 inches a C cup all the way to 15 inches which make a K cup.

However, the most common size worn by a large number of women is 36C although it might change as one grows, gains, or loses weight. You’ll need to measure your size at least once every year to guide you on how to choose the right bra.

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Purpose And Type Of The Bra

There are different types of bras designed for different purposes. You will therefore need to know how to choose the right bra for either for everyday use or for a specific activity. Some bras are designed for sports training while others are designed to compliment specific attire such as evening gowns or casual wear. However, regardless of the occasion, women with large sized breasts should have full support bras with wires for added support.