Forget waking up in the morning looking for a replacement for your short hair and feeling envious of other women who have healthier and longer hair. Have you given lace front wigs a thought and linked it to the hottest looks worn by celebrities and superstars? Now you have the power to change hairstyles just like you would your wardrobe. Enjoy the latest dos and switch from spiky to sassy in multiple glueless lace wigs.

freetress equal lace front wig


Choose between many options, like glueless lace wigs and curly lace front wigs. Here are the important features that you should take note if you are planning to get one in the near future;

  • What’s good about this instant look makeover is that it is authentic hair which has adjustable lace front cap with adjustable straps, and is a comfortable fit.
  • It’s great for all types of hair styles which include the casual ponytail or the elegant and dramatic updo.
  • Glueless lace wigs allow you to wear it without adhesives that may irritate the scalp. It is less costly compared to full lace wigs.
  • Lace front wigs give you tangle-free style that is adjustable and can easily be styled with flat iron or curlers.

How to Wear Lace Front Wigs

Proper care should be observed when wearing lace front wigs, the same goes for glueless lace wigs and curly lace front wigs. Upon application, make sure the lace front wig is properly in place. Be sure that the glue is not too close to your hair line. Be warned that hair thinning can occur if securing is not done properly. Do not go on using the wigs longer than two weeks.

Be very careful with removing the lace wigs, rushing can cause a tight pull on your strands, it will also hurt. If you applied using an adhesive, an oil based solvent can be sprayed to loosen its hold. After ten minutes, gently remove.


One advantage of lace wigs is that it is easy to style, and you get tangle-free hair. It is easy to look fabulous with cheap lace front wigs which are available at top beauty shops and salons. If you have greatly enjoyed the trend, you can go glueless and get the best lace front wigs from various online shops. What’s good about the wigs is that they are low maintenance and go well with any face shape. From many styles such as curly lace front wigs to straight cuts of any length, wearing many looks is now in your power.

Jet Black Massive Spiral Curls Hand Tied Lace Front Wig


Application may take time and you might need help if you are doing it for the first time. You will need assistance and or someone who knows how it is applied properly. Instructional DVDs are also available from online shops. Some users have reported incidents of shedding and it might slip over time. Bring it to a certified wig technician. Also remember that since it is a wig, it might cause to itch in the scalp. It also responds to the weather, so your head will feel hot on days when the weather is hot and humid.

Clean and maintain it like you would any wig and to retain its shape, use a mannequin head when drying or brushing.  Always take note of the necessary precautions for a safe and easy use of these popular fashion accessories.