Do you know how to look presentable on a golf course?  Golf is a gentleman’s game and that reflects in golf clothing. If you see the list of essential golf clothing, you will realize that the clothing etiquette is really strict. Through the ages, the appeal of golf has seen changes and it has now broadened. However, the etiquette continues to be strict. You should be fully aware of how to dress for a golf game because your clothing speaks a lot about you. If you wear the wrong clothing, it will create a bad impression.

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A Quick List of Golf Clothing

Here is the list of essential golf clothing to make things easier for you:

  • The shirt: It is very important to wear a collared shirt. It is actually a rule in many golf clubs to wear a collared shirt. However, even if it is not, you should make sure you buy a collared shirt for golf only. The standard shirt to wear while playing golf is short-sleeved and has at least two buttons and not more than four buttons. Some celebrity golf players may bring in some style and wear shirts that have no collars or buttons but if you want to match the usual trend, you should stick to the standard golf shirt only.
  • The pants: Slacks are the way to go. Shorts are acceptable but they are better for women and not men. The shorts should have pockets and belt loops. You should never think about wearing jeans, sweatpants, or gym shorts for a game of golf. Pant cuffs are commonly worn to golf but you can do without them too if you are worried that the cuffs may collect debris and dirt. You have to wear a belt too. The shorts should not be shorter than the mid-thigh length.
  • Shoes: Many people are confused about the right shoes to wear to a golf course. You can wear rubber or plastic spiked shoes but know that metal spikes are completely banned in many golf courses. Also, you could do without spikes too. There is no necessity to buy shoes with spikes. Many brands sell shoes specifically made for golf such as Nike golf shoes. You could select these without worries. You can also buy golf sandals, which have spikes.
  • Hat: The hat is very practical because it protects you from the sun’s harmful rays. However, wearing a hat is not compulsory. A straw hat and a baseball-style cap are the most common ones although some even prefer visors.

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This is a list of essential golf clothing but you can add more based on the requirements such as sweaters when it is cold. Make sure you keep in neutral and you will do just fine in the golf course.