Also known as standing wardrobe closet and armoire in French, a wardrobe closet is basically a piece of furniture that is used for storing clothes. During the earlier years, it used to be a chest. But nowadays, most models come with sliding drawers and shelves and evolved greatly into modern variations.

Most people today prefer to install a wardrobe closet at home because it does not only provide adequate storage for their clothing essentials but also improves the overall look and organization of any room. This closet can be installed anywhere in your home, depending on your space and style preference. Below are some closet options for you.

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Freestanding Wardrobe Closet

As the name implies, a freestanding wardrobe closet is a stand-alone unit that resembles a cabinet. Ideally, it is placed on rooms where there is not much space like those in studio-type bed rooms. Sizes and styles of freestanding models vary, depending on the following factors:

  • Owner’s room interior
  • Feature preference
  • Number of stuff that needs accommodation

 A good type of freestanding is a mobile wardrobe closet. Because it is not mounted or fixed to any walls, it is easier to move and transport from one room to another.

Fitted Wardrobe Closet

These closets are crafted to fit in any bedroom, hence the name fitted wardrobe closet. For this reason, it is made mainly for decorative purposes rather than functional reasons. These closets may provide roomy storage spaces but anyone can use them at very little cost. So if you want to transform your room from plain to stunning, then consider installing this wardrobe closet.

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Wardrobe Closet with Drawers

If you are someone who is strict in organization or you are simply looking for a storage solution for all your room’s clutters, then this closet is your best option. Most models are inexpensive and spacious, perfect for practical individuals living in small residences or homeowners who frequently accommodate guests overnight. These wardrobe closets come in different finishes and colors such as white, dark brown and stainless steel, along with one or more drawers at the top or bottom of the unit.

Regardless of the style and type you prefer, it always pays to choose the right wardrobe closet according to your room’s space, material preference and preferred closet features. If it is not only you who will be using the closet, you should consider their needs as well. Also, buying only from reliable manufacturers like Closets To Go is highly advised for you to get the highest quality closets that are guaranteed to last for years. You will definitely not regret having any of these closets because of their functionality and decorative purposes altogether.