In the past few years, polarized sunglasses were already popular among fishermen and boaters since they efficiently help these men to lessen glare that are reflected on the water that surrounds them. But because more and more people are starting to discover the benefits of wearing polarized lenses, the demand for this eyewear soared dramatically. Now, apart from boaters, sport enthusiasts like bikers, jogger, skiers, golfers and even ladies wear polarized sunglasses for women.

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How Do Polarized Sunglasses Work?

Generally, the light reflected on flat surfaces like roads and bodies of water is horizontally separated. By this, it means that in these places, light is not scattered in all directions; instead, it usually goes through a horizontal direction. For this reason, a high-intensity and dangerous light is produced. This light, apparently, is what most people call glare.

Fortunately, this can be easily remedied by wearing polarized sunglasses. The best polarized sunglasses can efficiently hinder this intense light; thus reducing the harmful glare at times when the wearer needs it the most. Thanks to its vertically oriented polarization which effectively filters some, if not all of the dangerous light to allow an individual to see clearly and avoid the potential risk of eye strain.

Other Valuable Uses

  • These days, there are cheap polarized sunglasses that are available in a multitude of different configurations. Some are lightly colored; while others are heavily tinted to provide maximum glare reduction. Polarization also varies from light to heavy; some even design polarized lenses exclusively for certain conditions such as snowfall.
  • Sometimes, polarized eyewear is also worn by 3D-movie goers. These glasses, however, have one lens that is polarized in a horizontal orientation and the other in a vertical orientation. Apparently, this design is created so that each eye of the wearer will have different vision of what appears on the movie screen. The brain, in turn, will bring together the two different images and transmit them to the brain. As a result, the mind comes up with an illusion of a 3D image.
  • For people looking for alternatives on creating amazing visual effects, polarized lenses can also be of good use. By using multiple pairs of 3D glasses, the user can create incredible visualizations through the effects of polarization.

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If you are an outdoor lover and you want something to protect your eyes, then polarized sunglasses are your best bet. But if you crave for an eyewear with a distinct style and ability to protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays, choosing a pair of Tom Ford Nikita sunglasses is highly recommended as well. Check out these sunglasses now!