Various types of lead acid batteries are being used for serving various purposes in different industries. These batteries are mainly used in photovoltaic cells. But according to application, these batteries are either automobile starter batteries, lighting diode batteries or ignition batteries. If you need these batteries, you have to consider your requirements, extents of use and other crucial factors carefully. Depending on the battery applications, there are three major types of lead acid batteries.

high rate 12V 75W lead acid battery

Engine Starting / Ignition Batteries

Ignition batteries are widely used in motorcars, trucks and other automobiles. These batteries provide energy for starting, essential lighting and fuel ignition of the engines. Also, in other machines like lawn mowers, boats, all-terrain motor vehicles and snowmobiles, these starting batteries are used invariably. The following are the features of ignition batteries.

  • The rate of discharge from these power sources is very high and the temperature varies within a range of -20°F to 200°F.
  • These batteries cover a sustainable reserve capacity. These can operate the electrical systems installed in vehicles even if the charger has failed or power off key has drained.
  • Batteries like these can serve for 3 to 5 years. They can be charged with an alternator charger. These power sources can work at lower self-discharge rates that allow a consumer to use these even after long period of cessation of these machines.

Motive Power Lead Batteries

These power cells are also known as traction batteries. These batteries provide sufficient motor power for propelling an electric vehicle. These vehicles are used in fork lift truck industries, electric golf car industries, mining industry vehicles, airline industry and wheelchairs. The features of motive power batteries are stated below.

  • Motive power lead batteries feature moderate discharge rates. These power cells have higher capacities than other products, around 2K or 3K ampere-hours.
  • These batteries are capable of operating within a wide range of varying temperature around. The machine continuously serves with standard efficiency level within a temperature between 0°F to 100°F.
  • These power cells feature longer battery life, which is around five years. Controlled charging system allows the batteries undergo about 1500 cycles in their lifetimes.

mf motorcycle lead acid battery

Standby Power Batteries

Standby power batteries are designed for industrial purposes. These are not seen at consumer levels; rather they are being used more frequently than ignition and motive power batteries. These contribute in larger systems are require special operative care and maintenance by experts. Industries where these power cells are being used are telecommunications, UPSs, switch and control operations, emergency lighting industry, security industries etc. Below are the features of standby power lead batteries.

  • Standby power batteries feature wider range discharge rates. These follow shallow charging cycles in emergencies.
  • These machines follow float charging. They maintain narrow range of temperature for efficient operations.
  • Life expectancy of these batteries is much higher than other types. They can serve for about 20 years once installed or replaced.

Where to buy different types of lead acid batteries
Different power accessories suppliers and brands come up with different solutions. You can buy different types and capacitates of lead acid batteries and battery chargers such as 24 volt battery charger, 48 volt battery charger and other essential accessories from these stores. You can also find reliable stuff from online stores too. Researching on different items and products will help you learn more about different types of lead acid batteries and their uses. Learning the different types of lead acid batteries will help you in searching out the appropriate batteries for your needs.