Portable pumps refer to those mechanical devices used to pump liquid and gas materials. As these machines are portable in nature, consumers frequently use these machines at home and commercial facilities. These pumps are used in different activities. Here, you will learn the types and benefits of using portable pumps as well as their disadvantages and price ranges.

portable high pressure pumping equipments

Features and Types of Portable Pumps

The major features of portable pumps include higher pressure, high heads, higher flows and solid handling mechanisms. These features have turned these machines as extremely important equipments for residential uses, farms, construction sites and dewatering purposes. The following are the types of portable pumps.

  • General purpose portable pumps are ultra lightweight, self-primer pumps made of aluminum and cast iron. Some essential accessories you will need are roll cages, engine circuits, wheel kits etc.
  • Heavy duty portable trash pumps are the most commonly used pumping equipments. These pumps can efficiently handle wastewater and other trash materials fast.
  • Portable high pressure pumping equipments can easily put 88 pounds of pressure at a time. These pumps come with high pressure hose kits. These machineries are mostly made of aluminum and cast iron as well.
  • Another type of pump refers to diaphragm pumps. These pumps have powerful workhorses to handle muddy, sandy materials. In certain places where you need to handle debris, these pumps help the consumers efficiently.

Benefits and Advantages of Using Portable Pumps

Using portable pumps have many benefits and advantages, some of which are listed below.

  • Portability of these equipments makes operations easier, remote and more efficient. A user can take these machines in remote locations, outings, camps and remove water or gas through quick and efficient pumping operations.
  • Maintaining these machines is an easy task. What you need to do is read the manual carefully. You have to understand the basic mechanism comprehensively. You should learn about the most sophisticated parts and accessories installed inside these machines for care and maintenance.
  • These machines consume less energy. Efficient use of energy lessens expenses and thus completes your projects with just a small budget. At the same time, these help you to take a step ahead towards greener earth.
  • Portable pumps are capable of handling big projects while maintaining low profile. This saves your budget significantly.
  • Finally, these machines are really cheap. Larger fixed equipments may need you to pay thousands for purchases and maintenance but these small mobile equipments come at a really affordable price and last long with least maintenance operations.

general and all purpose portable pumps

Disadvantages of Using Portable Pumps

According to most users, these pumps don’t have major disadvantages. They work like larger machines but they consume lesser energy, lesser space and lesser maintenance. However, some users have reported about unavailability of replaceable accessories. Some of them have said the price of these accessories is really high compared to the price of these machines themselves.

There are different types of portable pumps available in the market. Wilden pumps are one of the leading brands manufacturing pumps for different purposes. Learn more about different products, short list some items that will help you sort things out. Research extensively and learn about maintaining these items to utilize these machines efficiently before purchasing one. Finding the right portable pump to do your job will improve your work efficiency and decrease your expenses.